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    last week my counsellor told me I ought to get my mental health checked out, firstly starting with the dyslexia team. At first I thought, there's not a single chance that I have dyslexia, because my spelling, grammar, and pronunciation are perfectly fine.

    So, I had a dyslexia screening, it ended up that I had a "borderline chance" of having some weird type of dyslexia, didn't quite understand what she was going on about tbh, some visual type of dyslexia, because I didn't do very well on this test thing where there were 5 words in front of you and you had to kept picking the word that was the correct spelling for them, as fast as you can... I was either slow at picking the correct one, or didn't pick the correct one at all... She basically said I likely had problems processing information in my head.

    ... I tried to prove that wrong today, but I couldn't, I was reading my calculus booklet, and I was concentrating very hard, and I was still finding it difficult to understand without having to read each line roughly 5 times.

    So I looked back over my life, and I realised... I have always been a very slow reader, always been surprised at how fast everyone else seems to read, i remember when we used to have to read articles in exams sometimes, you got like 15 minutes to read the articles (english exams usually), then you had to answer questions to do with them... and I ALWAYS went well over 15 minutes to read them, when everyone else was answering the questions already...

    I also get quite frustrated when trying to take in information too, even though I understand maths easily, and computing, I absolutely hate reading the information, I have always learnt maths from answering questions whilst looking at a similar example to get the jist of it(at uni level), and as for computing.... well... I think I'm going to fail it. It seems the writing in the computing books just go into my eyes, and through a hole in my head...

    my concentration/ability to read stuff and sink it in seemed to have got pretty bad since 2 years a go, and since i started uni, it is actually really quite bad now, i can barely keep my eyes on a page, its like "whats the point, none of it is going in" there's just no point in me attending lectures anymore, I never ever learn anything in them, except what point we're at and what I'm missing, even though it's right in front of me...

    and btw the people from the uni dyslexia team told me either I'd have to wait over a year to see a psychologist or pay £300 to see one.... I simply don't have that kind of money.

    when I got back home today, I decided to do a bit of research, i typed in "types of dyslexia" in google.... so i read though a few ... 'neglect dyslexia'... no..... 'spelling dyslexia'... no, I'm slow, but not as slow as reading one letter at a time... 'semantic dyslexia' no.... then "dyslexia without dysgraphia". I could tick every single box with that....

    Here... It taken me 5 minutes and 20 seconds to read this article AND to understand it. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8509946.stm
    Please post back on how long it took you to read AND understand.

    is this the reason why I'm getting really frustrated/stressed when I try to learn from written information?

    I've ALWAYS been a slow reader (considerably slower than average), but this inability of being able to process what I've just read easily, seems to be getting worse and worse... I need to know what to do, I'll book an appointment with the doctor tommorow obviously, but what the hell would he be able to do? Would I get a free assessment without having to pay £300?

    finally, is there any CAUSES of this type of dyslexia(or any causes that make it worse?).... or is it just genetics, or unluckiness

    sorry for the huge essay

    thanks for replies.

    bump.. is it the length?

    Why do you think it has gotten worse? Can it get worse? Maybe stress is also affecting your ability to soak in the information, I know that when I am anxious, under pressure, or stressed I cannot take anything in.

    I wish I had some advice for you OP, but I don't :hugs:
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