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:( unfaithful boyfriend watch

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    Please, please, please keep this anon or delete! I can't let my boyfriend find this! My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a while now - about two years and we're both 18. I love him a lot, really, I'm serious about us. Unfortunately, there have been several occassions when I've caught his texting other girls and saying things like 'hey sexi' although they've usually been friends of friends and I know he hasn't physically cheated on me. Problem is, I've discovered he's messaging a girl with all this cutesy talk and they're contacting each other quite a lot during the day. I find this hurtful because it sometimes seems he doesn't have the same level of interest in me. I know I need to talk to him about it but I've tried. I've tried coaxing information out of him and saying he doesn't seem 100% satisfied with the relationship and is it worth it. He'll always say of course it is and that he loves me. I don't know waht to do. :'( I really don't want to lose him or leave him. I can't really confront him about this because I wouldn't have a clue if I hadn't been snooping around... but it's real tempting when someones left themselves logged on. I don't know what to do...

    When you first started talking to each other, what were his mannerisms like? Would he say similar things to you as he does to these girls? If that's the case then you've got nothing to worry about as that's obviously just the way he is.

    But even if it's not, he isn't really doing anything wrong. I can understand your concerns about your boyfriend being flirtatious with other girls but as long as he hasn't cheated on you then you can really say anything.

    In a few months time, you will break up after he cheats on you and you'll wonder why you didn't break up with him earlier. You'll go into a depressive cycle, maybe go through a bit of self harm and eventually in about a years time, you'll get over it.

    Good luck.

    I could quite possibly be may off the mark here but..

    Maybe the fact that he's in a long term committed relationship means he is more open and comfortable with saying stuff like that to other girls because, at least in his mind, he doesn't actually mean anything to come of them.

    If he's hurting you that much, be upfront with him, tell him that curiosity got the better of you and how you feel towards him/his actions.
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