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    (Original post by alithegreat)
    People might argue that its just one mathematician who claims that but still I cant imagine the perfect world that surrounds us came in existence by a chance. :eek:
    Good thing you don't have to imagine it then, isn't it?

    (Original post by RK)
    If Christianity in the UK is dead, who are the several hundred people who attent the same chruch as me every Sunday? And who are the 1000+ people who go to this massive Church in this city every Sunday? Who are the people who started up a new church a couple of months back? How are the other hundreds of other people who go to church each week in the few dozen other churches across this city?

    I think CofE church attendance is dropping still, but other churches are growing as well. I also saw some official stats that said whilst overall attendance was down slightly in a recent month, there was actually an increase in attendance amongst young people.

    (Just a word of warning too, that thread iamkund linked to had an argument full of holes with it's logic )
    People in contemporary UK society don't care as much about religion now.

    (Original post by Nick_000)
    No, its not dead. Dying, yes. Give it 50 years and it will be interesting to see if it is still the dominant religion. I'm looking forward to seeing it happen. Stop these fruits from getting extra benefits.
    like what?
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    (Original post by alithegreat)
    To people who say there is no God, just want to hear your thoughts on what makes you guys so sure that there is no God.

    My opinion is, there is definitely a God, as the creation by chance is not possible

    One of the mathematicians worked out the chance of obtaining the required set of enzymes for even the simplest living cell was one in 10^40,000 and thats just one cell.

    People might argue that its just one mathematician who claims that but still I cant imagine the perfect world that surrounds us came in existence by a chance. :eek:
    Firstly, I have no idea how existence came about, nobody does. I'm not saying it all came about by chance. What I'm saying is that NOBODY has a clue about how it all started, which is why I refuse to listen to anybody who thinks that wearing a wierd collar and hanging around in a pretty building makes them "enlightened".

    They have no more of an idea than I do. Taking up their wierd customs such as putting your hands together & asking "god" for favours is not going to dictate what happens to my "soul" after death.

    To ask what proof anybody has that God doesn't exist is ridiculous! It's like me saying there's a world exactly the same as ours in the universe where everyone has penises on their heads. You can't proove it's not true, therefore it must be!
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