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I need advice: I wanna move away for university watch

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    I need advice: I wanna move away for university

    So I applied to universities through UCAS and declared I would be living home because my family forced me to put that down. (The only thing they cared about)
    Now being Asian it is hard to move away because of the social views associated with it, my family have made it clear I am not allowed to move away BUT I desperately want to! They just worry what the rest of "community" will think about them and will bring shame to the family. I am so desperate to move away but at the same time I don't wanna hurt my family's feeling, I feel like I am stuck in the middle! I know for a fact if I move away my mum will always curse me in her prayers wishing me not to do well etc etc (lol don't ask)
    The main reason I wanna move away is I want to get away from my family, because they ARGUE everyday (not with me just with eachother) LITERALLY! Screaming at eachother and everyday my mum is crying which is so boring now Lol, and she cries so loud as well! And it gives me a massive headache and I honestly think that it would affect my future studies at university if I live with them.
    The thing with my family is they have NEVER taken an interest in my education, they don't know what universities I applied to, they don't know what subjects I do or my grades etc.
    But honestly I am planning to move once I start university, could anyone give me help on how I go about doing this. I seriously have NO clue at all.

    Thanks for the help in advance

    Without making any comment on what effect this would have on family matters I would do the following:

    Contact UCAS and see if you can change the 'live at home' option.
    If not then contact each university highlighting the change that you'd like to make.

    If it does come down to bringing it up with your parents (moving out), then I suggest you tell a white lie and say something like... 'I'd like to move out to gain independence and knowledge of the world :blah:' or else I don't think your actual reasons will go down well, no matter how reasonable they are.

    It's none of their ******* business.

    Leave and never speak to them again if they can't tolerate your choices.
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    If you will still be quite near home you can tell your family you will go home a lot. In time they will probably get more used to the idea.
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