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Ever honestly felt like leaving it all behind? watch

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    I realize that just about everyone will have thought about this before, but I'm interested in finding out if anyone has actually followed through on it rather than simply thought about it after something has gone wrong for them or whatever. I'm not a dramatic person or attention seeking in any way. I'm just interested in starting over and leaving everything behind for a wide variety of reasons, none of which are even applicable to most people who feel the need to distance themselves from the life they were living. I have no real personal problems, either through lack of friends, any kind of relationship issues with the opposite sex or problems with family members or finances. The way I see it, I simply have nothing holding me here. I don't have a partner, children or a mortgage and as such any real reason or obligation to stay in the city that I live in at the moment. I realize that this is the student room but I had no real interest in university after trying it for a while and I have no real intention of going back in the near future. I don't particularly like my job but if it came down to it, as soon as I'd moved anywhere else I'd be happy enough to apply for similar work there. The grades that I left school with are good enough to get me into most universities in Britain. I can't speak any other languages which would initially limit my options at least and I'd be interested in any line of work, anywhere else that wasn't manual labouring.

    Summary for those that hate reading long paragraphs:

    I don't have any real personal, financial or emotional reasons for leaving.
    I'm fairly clever and reckon I could find employment elsewhere.
    I didn't particularly like university so leaving home to study isn't really an option.
    I can't speak any languages other than English which rules out a lot of options.
    I want to know if anyone has ever done anything similar and how they went about it/feel about it now.

    I don't really have anything I need to stay in the UK for except my family. Once I've graduated I'm moving back to where I am now in Germany if I can.

    I think the grass is often greener on the other side though. Maybe you just need a long break away from it all? It depends where you'd want to go to, whether you'd want to just move somewhere else in the country or change countries and if you think it'd benefit you.

    Ive done it. Literally bought a 1-way ticket to Australia, packed my bag and left. Spent the first 3 months travelling round without any communication with anyone back home, however did eventually start to settle down.

    Going off and disappearing may seem like a good ideafor awhile, but eventually most people will want to reconnect and return home.
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