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    This will be long winded...Right, since November-ish I had been chatting and flirting with this girl from one of my tutorials, I asked her to grab a coffee and we genuinely got on, liked the same music, movies, and I felt there was a definite attraction...she adds me on facebook, msn then SHE ask's me for my number...this all happened in about a week.

    Over the Christmas break we texted constantly christmas day, boxing day and new years...I personally thought this was a bit much but went with it as she was the one who kept contacting me...

    It get's weird here, we got back to uni and she basically blanks me or is very quiet/awkward when i say hello in lectures and a couple of times when i've bumped into her. Now I have asked her out around three times and she has said she couldn't go...washing her hair or something:p: ...so she basically is not interested. I brought up that i quite liked her and said she isn't ready for a relationship, blah blah blah, so i was shot down, but God loves a tryer no harm no foul. Swings and roundabouts sort of thing.

    BUT!! she still texts me every day or two and starts convo's on msn...and imo that is ********. What does she want from me? Now you may say I'm being an ass because she wants to be friends. However, she basically interrogated me last night over this girl i pulled in a club, as the pic was put up on facebook of us. WTF?

    So a question to everyone...What is going on? lol I'm not sure if i even care that much anymore because she seems very high maintenance, but im curious, if i wanted to pursue it what should i do? I haven't a feckin clue anymore!:eek3:


    jesus you got me and I'm probably the most likely girl in the world to be like that.....

    So, i'll be completly honest and tell you what I'm doing when messing a guy round like that (this one time)
    She's using you to make herself feel good about being wanted and your taking notice of her ,it sounds like she needs it..
    possibly over xmas you guys did connect but for whatever reason as soon as college started back things didnt progress...
    I'd say maybe talk to herabout it in a subtly vague way if you can??

    She was clearly jelous of you being with another girl which is grand if she had been with you but the reality is that she hasnt...

    just ask her whats stopping her from going out with you and would she like to meet you for lunch /coffee after lectures/ going to a local game together ..that should be pretty easy to do if youre friends....

    You've got your hands full alright kiddo!
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