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UK citizen and graduate applying for a graduate role in the US watch

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on getting a graduate job in the US after I graduate.

    I am a UK citizen at university in the UK and I finish my degree this year. If I get my 2:1 and get through my final interview for Deloitte, I shall have a job at one of the UK offices.

    Ideally, I want to work in the US, the sooner after I graduate the better. I will try and describe my understanding of my situation.

    1. I have been told from friends and internet sources that if I want a job in the US, the best thing to do is to get your foot in the door this side of the atlantic and then transfer. This would involve working a few years here in the UK and then requesting to transfer stateside - I imagine I would have to tell them I wanted to do this at the interview stage (a response to "where do you see yourself in x years?", perhaps).

    2. Let's say I wanted to skip this step and land a job in the US straight (or soon after) I graduate. I understand that I will need to apply for a visa. How much does this cost, how long does it take and if I am going to be working in the finance sector what are my chances of approval?

    I would very much prefer to take this second option. I am at the penultimate stage of the interview process for a role at Deloitte in a UK office. If I get the job, I imagine I would have to take the route suggested my my first option, since I have signed a contract saying I will work in a UK office.

    Let's say I don't get the job and I'm back to square one with regards to getting a graduate job. I apply for and obtain a visa to work in the US. What is the job market like in the finance sector in the US? What is the likelihood of me landing a graduate job as a UK citizen (and graduate) with a visa, ideally of one of the big 4 financial services firms, bearing in mind I got to the last stage of the interview process of a role at one of the UK offices?

    This might have sounded long winded but these are the options I understand I have. If anyone could shed any light on my situation then that would be very, very much appreciated.

    The US is quite different - which degree do you have? - they tend to prefer acc/fin/maths/econ degrees more over there than here where it is a mix of relevant and non-relevant degrees

    You don't have to tell firms that you want to move to the US in a few years time at interview stage - infact it is better not to say that in x years time you will leave and go to the US - if you want to mention it just say you would like to work abroad at some point and why and that the company has opportunities for you to do so

    I would favour option 1 - as if you just go to the US now and it doesn't work out you will have wasted time, money and effort

    The fact that you got to the last stage of Deloitte UK won't give you any advantage in applying to Deloitte US or any other firms tbh
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    Thanks for your response. I am am studying Mathematics with Economics at Loughborough.

    I realise that the fact I have got to the last stage for Deloitte UK won't give me any advantage when applying for US - I only mentioned it so that readers of this post might be able to make a better prediction on my chances of employment in the US on the grounds that I am competent enough to get to that stage in the UK.

    I take on board your opinion that I should go for option 1 - it is safer, cheaper, etc. In fairness, due to how busy I am these days in my last semester I doubt I will find the time to properly research location/visas/firms until the summer.

    However, let's say in a few months time I have no jobs in the pipeline and I did decide to go for a job in the US after all. What are the chances of me making any progression through the application process? Do any of the Big 4 in the US necessarily look at UK/international applicants?

    Thanks again

    That is a good degree and university

    Have you applied to any other firms apart from Deloitte? Some people get to second interview with one firm but don't even get invited to first interview with others. So I still don't think it makes much difference.

    Your question might be better answered on a US forum. I am not sure but I assume you would just get a tourist visa at first and would only get a work visa when you actually get a job.

    The Big4 in the UK look at international applicants (but usually these are people who have come here and done degrees) so I assume they will in the US aswell. You should do some research on their US websites.

    Do you have any idea where you would like to work? The US is a lot bigger than the UK and it would be quite expensive travelling all over for interviews.

    it's practically impossible to get an american firm to sponsor you for a visa

    just take the job at deloitte and transfer after aca

    I don't think the Big4 in US allow you to apply online. I suppose they recruit almost 100% from the campus of US schools. So probably no straightforward chance to get a foot in the door as a graduate without US education.
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