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    I always avoid atheist related threads and don't usually admit to being an atheist on TSR, because the way they act is so embarrasing and cringe-worthy.

    (Original post by Phugoid)
    And what do you call Islam? I call it an ideology.

    You honestly believe a person can be BORN a muslim? Do you also believe that people can be born supporting Labour?
    No, i agreed with your statement.

    However i didn't agree with the context you used Islam in. Islam is narrowing something down extremely, but an ideology can be any belief, whether it be religious or political.
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    I have been through the same thing OP. Some of my Muslim friends know. Others who were friends and who actively would take it upon themselves to dictate how I should run my life, I stopped talking to

    ... Cue facebook insults. I then ignored them further and restricted access to my Facebook.

    Some people just hate the idea of someone else disagreeing with their interpretation re: the purpose of life. This is because they feel threatened by an opposing viewpoint. Find a group of friends who can support you and be honest.
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    (Original post by mathperson)
    If you want to be an atheist, thats fine, why shouldn't it be, because muslims judge you and oppress you? (your own words)

    Out of curiousity, when you said that Islam conflicts with your personal opinions, what do you mean?

    It's off topic. If you want to know, research it, than make a thread about it. Simples!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I was born a Muslim. I am now an atheist. I find myself lying to hardcore Muslims I meet because I can't be ****** being judged by them.

    I am not at atheist because I want to go shag the living day lights out of everyone, or because I hate oppression and am a raging feminist and therefore won't believe in Islam as it conflicts with my personal opinions.

    I am an atheist because that is just what conclusion I drew from my short life thus far.

    Right now I feel confused and **** because I am a coward. Are there any other atheists out there with no balls?
    At the end of the day.....who cares what other people think!

    You are in control of your views, opinons and life.. It someone dosent like it then thats there problem - not yours.. :yes:

    Many of the Muslim communities where I come from haven't become overly acquainted with liberalism yet. I meet people from those communities all the time, and they're all very set in their ways. A couple of my friends have rejected some Islamic traditions, and most of them have had to move away from those areas.

    The essentials of the situation are that values clash, and so it comes down to you to decide whether you value liberal, British values over more fundamentalist and less tolerant ones. It's called culture clash, and you're on the front line right now.

    You can take a risk, and tell people how you feel like they tell you how they feel, or you can lie and pretend to be like them. You can try to integrate yourself into a system of values and a way of life based ultimately on something you reject, as an outside trying to find a way back over the wall. You can do that, if you don't believe your position to be as valid as theirs.

    Or, and I'd encourage you to do this, you can very respectfully and politely let people know how you see the world when religion nexts come into the conversation. You could Westernise, and moderate yourself. You could find a way out of an inherently insular community and into the wider world, where people like you can meet other people as equals.

    EDVB, hoping you go the right way on this one.
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