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I get this weird thing sometimes can be once a month or less, but it's worrying me. I can be sitting doing anything, maybe concentrating? and suddenly everything goes 10 times faster than it should, including myself, but inside i feel almost frozen, everyone around me seems to be talking and moving fast, even music doesn't help. I know this sounds strange, I'm considering going to the doctor, but I would like to know if anyone's heard of anything like this before. When its happening it worrys me, and I panic more so it doesn't stop. I've had it since I was at primary school so about 8 years old, and now I'm 18. If anyone knows what it could be or anything, please help. Thank you.
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I really have no idea, but maybe something to do with your ears or blood pressure, you know when people say that when you get ear infections it affects your balance? Maybe this then makes you dizzy which in turn makes you panic and then when your blood pressure rises this just makes the whole thing worse. I would go and see a doctor, before you go maybe keep a diary so you can see when you are more likely to have these episodes.

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