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Why is racism seen as such a big deal compared to other discrimination? watch


    (Original post by loafer)
    firstly: OP i am not attacking anything you have said here, but this is how i see it.

    in the course of history, has anyone ever, ever, ever actually inspired hate because of their hair colour or height or size of nose? has hair colour/height/uglyness ever, ever, ever been the cause of genocide or mass rape or the slaughter or enslavement of millions of people?

    all that is quite abstract though, to bring it home you ask your ginger friend whether he has ever been denied a job because of his hair colour.

    or whether as soon as people get drunk they ask him why he is in a country of predominantly non-ginger people, tall people

    or how many times people he doesnt know speak to him slowly because they arent sure if he speaks english because he is ugly

    or if he gets funny looks each time he boards public transport with a bag, because everyone knows that short people are criminals

    or that ginger/short people are greedy and tight with money, and that they crave power and secretly control the media through secret societies

    or if he is always the one to be searched out of all his friends at the airport when you go on a lads holiday

    or whether when he gets a good job and a good car he will get stopped at least once a week by police checking if the flashy car is stolen - because he everyone knows that short people are criminals

    or whether ginger people get searched by the police 10 times more often than non-ginger people

    or whether people tell him that ugly people have been proven to be less intelligent than others

    or if they all have small penises

    or if girls have told him that they have to keep their relationship secret because her parents dont like short or ugly people

    or if people think that ginger people are taking all 'our' jobs

    or if there have been any recent height/hair-colour-motivated murders in his area?

    this is not to say that lost of people dont suffer unwarranted abuse, but that racism is something that is not just a bit of stick down the pub or banter that goes too far and maybe starts a argument - racism can affect every aspect of your life and its going to be more of a raw, sore subject (especially as there are many people still alive today who would not have been allowed to vote or do normal things because of their skin colour, and 6 million jewish people were systematically exterminated like animals because of their religion/race not so long ago) - perhaps why racism is more offensive and treated more seriously than hair-colourism.

    and neither am i saying that racism is or isnt a gigantic problem in the UK, but i think that its rightfully a more sensitive one than heightism.

    nobody has the right to dictate what someone else is allowed to find offensive.

    Well there has been more active and organised opposition to racism, but in the context of history it is only in a comparatively recent time that it has happened. Even in the 70s and 80s in the UK it was fairly socially acceptable to be racist in public, black footballers/rugby players used to get monkey chants and abuse.

    Some forms of discrimination eg homophobia, are sanctioned by religion so people think they are morally justified to discriminate, which makes it a lot harder to clamp down on.

    Well if I recall correctly, there's never been a genocide against ginger or short people. Discrimination against them is wrong, but it isn't the same.

    As for fat people - unless they have a "glandular condition" or whatever, they've brought their problem on themselves. Obviously they shouldn't be denied jobs on the basis of their weight but I don't suppose it would be a good idea to stop criticising them altogther.

    what i find strange is that black people can go on and on about how 'proud' they are to be black and if some music comes out they can say 'oh its nice to have some black music out there' and things like that. but they dont want to be segregated from our community. but they are doing this to themselves by having 'black' things! if we said 'im proud to be white' that would be seen as racism.

    therfore i count'i am proud to be black' as racism towards white people.

    if you dont want to be segregated, dont do it to yourself. if we are the same, then there should be no such thing as 'black' music or 'black' culture. if you are saying that these things are specifically different to white people then some people have a right to say they dont like those sorts of things. though they have no right to do anything about it, e.g. hurt people.

    i am definately not racist and see no reason why anyone should be, its only a different amount of melanin in the skin, so it makes people no different to us.

    and why cant people be racist towards white people? and why isnt that taken as seriously? if someone says 'stupid white chick' why isnt that taken as seriously as 'stupid black chick'?

    Probably because racism is perceived to be the most prevalent in society.

    Race discrimination can make a person actually feel as though they are inferior because of their race, just because this type of discrimination happens so often. If someone discriminated against me for my skin colour, it'd be a scary thought. I'd feel like I should be expecting that kind of treatment in future as well, from many people. Whereas if someone discriminated against me for my eye colour, I'd just think they were a bit strange. I wouldn't think 'there's plenty more where that came from'.

    It's probably the same reason why sexism against women is more frowned upon than sexism against men. Or why homophobia is more frowned upon than heterophobia.

    (Original post by tomnixon2007)
    Why is it that Racism is seen as such a big deal compared to other forms of discrimination? Im not a fan of it and i dont condone in but i was just thinking this. Racism is against the race of someone- they were born that way they cant help it. However short people were born that way so what gives people the right to insult them and not be frowned upon? Also if someone has a huge nose then its the same thing. Sexism is exactly the same. Ideas please.
    All these '..isms' started in the 1960's at the same time Hippies were invented. Some actually blame Hippies but some say that's just Hippyist.

    Before that everybody was just happy saying whatever they liked without fear of retribution. In those dark days a man could even demand that his meat and three veg. were on the table when he got home from work and that his wife would wash the dishes after he'd finished! Outrageous but true.

    Post-WWII many British people were worrying excessively the we were no longer an Empire and worse, were actually poor to the point of bankruptcy due to having to pay back America for lending us lots of rusty old ships in the war. The Government tried to cheer the nation up by inviting in lots of Caribbean people because they always smiled and danced better than us. This backfired when some people were heard to say that they were taking our jobs.

    This was made worse again by the Hippies who invented the pill which made women want jobs too instead of popping out baby every other year.

    So racism was invented first then sexism.

    (Original post by WizardandRattle)
    Ethnics may feel camaraderie, however we whites cannot, we are not allowed.
    We whites are forced to accept constant streams of black and brown immigrants pouring into the country.
    We are forced to endure tidal waves of unwanted brown immigration. We are also not allowed to e proud to be white.

    tl;dr : noone cares
Have you ever experienced racism/sexism at uni?
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