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    (Original post by ILoveRona)
    Sorry I didn't make it clear, once I go to university I will be 17, so really my first year wont be as socially active, but what about the other 3 years...

    but then again, if I go to Dundee,

    Year 1: Not good social life
    Year 2: Not good social life
    Year 3: Abroad for one year so good social life
    Year 4: Final year so probably normal social life

    Heriot Watt:

    Year 1: Not good social life
    Year 2: Good social life
    Year 3: Might go abroad but either way, good social life
    Year 4: Better social life than year 4 of Dundee

    Haha perhaps confusing, but I just don't know what to do!!!
    Is Dundee's nightlife really that bad? I know there are certain universities I would avoid like the plague because of the terrible social life, but Dundee's a pretty big city, right?

    (Original post by JW92)
    Is Dundee's nightlife really that bad? I know there are certain universities I would avoid like the plague because of the terrible social life, but Dundee's a pretty big city, right?

    I don't know, I guess when I go visit it on the 16th of March I'll find out...

    I think i'll just go for Dundee anyway...

    Thanks for all your help.

    when i chose my unis, i firstly searched for a course i would like to do, then i looked for campus universities (i definitely wanted a campus university), looked at league tables and compared the subjects and unis with each other and then i took a look to the social life (including nightlife), entertainment, sports clubs and socities the uni has to offer. and at last i chose three unis in the top 20 and two giving lower offers. i also took a look at the national student survey and browsed through several websites where current/ex- students have written their opinions (ex. whatuni.com)

    but the most important is to visit the place to really see how it's like and if you could see yourself living there for at least 3 years.

    after visiting the university of exeter i'm pretty sure that's the place i want to be, it has everything i want:
    - the best course i could find, a very flexible programme offering many different modules, the possibility to study a language and spend a year abroad
    - excellent reputation for my subject (2nd in the whole UK) + high in the league tables
    - excellent student satisfaction overall + the business school boosting the most satisfied students for several years now
    - beautiful campus uni, not too big, but not too small either
    - nice city with all the facilities you need. loads of shops
    - uni offers hundreds of socities / sports clubs
    - nightlife is alright, a few nightclubs, many bars. obviously not as good as in big cities, but really if you have 15 000 students living in the same city there must be always something going on. besides i'm already used to a limited nightlife where i live, so even four nightclubs sounds good to me :'D

    so yeah, you must decide which is the most important for you.. the academic reputation or the social life or perhaps the city itself. and i stongly recommend to visit each uni before you make your final decision.

    I would like to say that i systematically looked through loads of prospectuses, uni websites, unionview, unistats, open days etc etc before making a final decision, but i didn't- i decided to have a quick look at a few unis during the gcse summer (those being oxbridge and durham) and absolutely fell in love with durham- the more i found out about it, the more perfect it seemed and so on. After that, nothing could compare, so i had to use the normal methods described above to find the 3 other unis i applied to :rolleyes:
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