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    Hi guys, I think this is the best place to post this, so here goes. I'm basically seeking some life/career advice. I will try to sum up myself and my situation, and I welcome any ideas thrown at me.

    I am a third (and final) year Maths & Economics student at a top 10 university in the UK, on course for a 2:1, although there is a chance I may miss the cut and get a 2:2.

    This is going to sound like a job resume but I’m going to put the honest ones in here - I am numerate, analytical, a good communicator and leader (chairman of a number of societes at university), and love meeting new people. The whole exam system fails me and I don't believe they show my true ability – I do not want to do any more exams after I graduate. I have 280 UCAS points - not enough for banking or consultancy, or even entry to one of the big 4 one would have thought, although somehow I have fallen through the net and am at the last stage of the interview process for one of the big 4, but I really, really don't want to be an accountant. I wouldn't mind a job in finance, but I really don't want to have to take any more exams (ACA exams for example).

    I am being encouraged to pursue a career in finance by my parents but they have made it clear that they will be happy with whatever I choose (as long as I am happy). My degree choice sets me up for a career in the finance sector - I am driven by money to a certain extent, but happiness and lifestyle is definitely more of an incentive. I seek a good balance (don’t we all!)

    Just a few things I have thought about going into - management, teaching, retail, the police, and advertising.

    Bit of extra information about me:

    I love travelling, visiting new places, experiencing different cultures. I love driving and cars. I have a brain for working things out and thrive off getting a job done/finding a solution to a problem. I love golf although I’m only a mid-tier handicapper. I would love to work abroad (English speaking countries– US, Aus, SA, NZ).

    Do I take a job I do not want to do (if i get it), earn a fair amount of money for a graduate, take the ruddy exams and get a qualification I really do not want, and then sack it in? I see this as 3 years of my life gone down the drain. Ok ok it’s an experience in a professional environment. Say I don't get the job. I do not want to finish my degree, go back home and work in a supermarket, while my brain gets turned to mush, waiting for the next round of graduate applications where I will probably have less of an idea what I want to do.

    The obvious choice may be to take a gap year – I would need to save for a year to take a year out, taking up 2 years of my life, where I could be 2/3 the way to an ACA.

    Sorry if this appears ill-structured and all over the place, I just tried to get all my thoughts down.

    If anyone could throw some ideas at me or some possible career paths then that would be great. I’m only 21, and I know that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the same position as me, and people tell me that it is fine that I do not know what I want to do.

    When I went to university there was a huge crossroads - the uni I chose determines the friends I have (for life even). However the course I chose would have been the same wherever I went and I would always be returning to the same home, so in a way it did not determine my life that much. The dilemma I and all the other thousands of graduates face is that when I finish university in 5 months time I am at an even bigger crossroads. Do I forge my life path as an accountant in London? Or become a teacher somewhere else?

    Career ideas/advice needed!

    Thanks in advance

    be a food stylist or a hand model!

    a teacher sounds such a nice job. i would imagine quite nice job satisfaction and steady income. very sociable job which is constantly changing as you work with new people (both students and colleagues). great holidays for the rest of your life and nice working hours. also, nothing is set in stone, try a job and if you really dont like it, just do something else- you're young enough!:o:
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