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    Hello everybody

    Im having a few last minute nerves about the French AS mock I have next week. One of the sections we have is a grammar section which is ten questions. You are required to conjugate the verb or adjective so that it fits in with the rest of the sentence.

    I am terrible at grammar.

    I have literally no idea how to identify which tense needs to be used. Im OK at actually conjugating, its just recognising!

    Example: Hier, Pierre______________a l'ecole (aller).

    Obviously the ones in the exam don't give you a helpful 'hier' at the beginning...
    Sorry, this is really confusing to try and ask!! Unless you know the paper, you'll probably not have a clue what I'm on about.
    I was wondering if anyone who has done the grammar exercises for a french exam before has any tips for identifying the necessary conjugation?

    Thank you xx

    Right, it's just a case of learning/knowing which tense you'll need. No other way, really.
    I'll go through the Jan 09 paper (AQA).

    "Le PACS est un contrat conclu entre deux ............, de sexe différent
    ou du même sexe. (majeur)"

    You need "majeurs" here. Clue is in the "entre deux"

    "Si vous .............. conclure un PACS, vous devez signer une convention.

    "voulez", so the present tense. You can tell from the other part of the si clause - it's in the present, so the first part is in the present. However, sometimes one part of a si clause will the in the present and the other in the future.

    "Voici quelques témoignages pour .............. plus de détails. (avoir)"
    "avoir" is the right answer. It's in the infinitive because the precendent word is "pour" and pour + an infinitive is the construction.

    "Aurélie, 27 ans : « A l'arrivée de notre premier bébé, nous avons
    ................. de nous pacser. (décider)"

    This should be "décidé" because you've been given half of the passé composé - the auxilary verb avoir (in this case) conjugated. Note the "de" after the gap - some verbs must include an "à" or "de" before an infinitive.

    "Mon seul regret : le manque de romantisme au début de cette ...........
    vie ensemble. (nouveau)"

    "Nouvelle", feminine adjective.

    "C'était la signature dans un petit bureau, sans témoin, ce qui me
    .................. un peu. » (gêner)"

    "gêne" or "gênait". "Ce qui" takes a third person singular conjugation - i.e. "est", if the verb were être (or in any other tense where appropriate).

    "Ludovic, 24 ans : « Nous ..................... ensemble depuis deux ans. (vivre)"
    I'd put "vivons", the present tense because of the depuis, but "vivions" is still accepted.

    "Pour nous, le PACS sera comme de belles fiançailles .................
    (officiel) »"

    "Officielles", feminine adjective.

    "Barbara, 21 ans : « Nous nous sommes pacsés il y a deux ans parce que nous
    .................. trop jeunes pour le mariage. (être)"

    "étions", using the imperfect because it's describing a continuous state of being in past. I think "sommes" is acceptable here too.

    "Nous nous marierons plus tard quand nous ............ le temps et
    l'argent! » (avoir)"

    "aurons", future tense.
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    OMG, you are a total star. Thank you so much for this! xxxxx
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Updated: February 16, 2010
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