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I am starting to hate her watch


    Why not take to spending more time at uni? Work in the library rather than at home. Distance yourself from home as much as possible. Then you can join societies at uni and have a social life. You can take your swimming things out but you don't actually have to go swimming do you? I think you should claim to have projects that need you to go and work with other people sometimes. It might sound deceitful but then so is searching your wardrobe.
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    This week is reading week, I have been going to uni, to get away from here. I really need to leave home, and am prepared once I get on my own two feet, to cut ties. I can't bear it any longer.

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    I am a male, and 18 and at university. I suppose it is down to living with Asian parents. But she won't let me even breathe. Basically I feel like I am a dog on a leash. I reckon dogs have more freedom than I have.
    I understand about the education bit, I am at uni, and need to get a good degree. I understand that. I know that. I appreciate that.

    What pisses me off about her, is her control.
    Every month, she will come into my room, and search my wardrobes. If there is as so much a receipt stating I bought a chewing gum packet, I am wasting money etc... She over exaggerate, and has a bit of a heart attack. It is stupid.

    She will call people up to bad mouth me or she will try and stir up stuff to make me look weak, insignificant and a hell hole.

    She forces me to go to swimming, when I don't want to. It is exercise first and foremost, and I need to get out a bit is her reasons. When I do want to go out, or I want to do something, It will affect my education and become a failure. She give me examples of who is better than me, I am an utter failure, and I am never going to achieve anything in life. She will compare me with people, who she looks down at. When she says that, I do at times think she hates me, the venom she has in her voice, does make me feel bad.
    GROW a back bone simple as, you need to remember your parent are strict and really what can do you? same as mine, just try and remember she loves you and In a FEW years you will be out, i have already started counting down the years...
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