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    I browsed this section. And could not believe the lies that were on this section. I can only assume some of the people here are student reps of nottingham and trent universities. Therefore distorting or even out and out lieing about nottingham.

    Here i am going to give a 100 percent truthful guide to nottingham, which will answer the the potential students probing questions. Obviously this is based on my experiences of nottingham. But since i GENUWINELY am from nottingham(wollaton to be exact), and i had cousins(from down south) and manyer friends at the nottingham unis show im the best qualified person on here.

    Add the fact that i now dont live in nottingham but in the southwest. I am very well travelled, ive been from newcastle to livrpool, and from cantenbury to bristol/bath. So i can actually tell you if anyones *********** on here when they go "i was more threateded in a spa town than nottingham" ill know if there lieing or not.



    Alot of halarious quotes get banded around on this section such as "ive been here 18 years, and NOT one crime happened to me, or my friends or family, and ive never seen anything on a night out". Now although i persoanlly think thats complete baloney, and they are obvious student reps desperately trying to impove nottingham uni applications. i cant rebuttal the quotes, and they may be a slight chance that its true.

    However when i saw quotes such as "radford is safe, theres never anything dodgy going on, and i walk through it without any problems" then thats not even a funny lie thats a very bad evil lie that could ruin someones uni expereinces. Trust me i had friends who stayed at liberty square, which is barely even in radford and they had people breaking in and trying to mug them etc. I had friends that were put in accomadation nearer the john carol centre part of radford, and literally did not dare leave the place, iuts literally third world. There was even a quote on here saying "radford doesnt even look rough" Wow. Ilkston road, and inparticularly alfreton road were considred some of the worst effected highstreets in britian for the resession. Drerlict shop, after derelict pub, after derelict petrol station, its looks woeful. the Only thing i agree with some of the comments on here is that radford not the worse part of nottingha. That is true...(ill cover that in best and worse areas)

    Nottingham is dreadful for crime. There is no two ways about it. All my friends who have been to uni have either been a victime of crime or know someone who has been a victim of crime in nottingham. Nottingham has the second worse car crime in the uk, it has 4 post codes in the top ten post codes for burlgarly, and has terrible rape, mugging and violent crime stats...

    Here is last years crime stats.


    As you can see you are 2 and a half times more likely to have your car nicked, over 5 ties more likely to be mugged, twice as likley to be a victim of violent crime, over twice as likely to be victim of a sexual offence and 4 times likely to be burglered, than the national average...pretty **** huh.

    Youll here the old myth "tight city counderies tight city bounderies", but you can show that all cities can claim that, and to a much larger scale than nottingham.(just compare greater manchesters population to its city population)

    Nottingham crime rate is dreadful. If you have had 3 years of " bliss" like some on here will not doubt claim, then thats your experience, but i can say that its very very rough.


    Nottingham is a mixed bag for nightlife. I can vouch that student nightlife im sure is excellent. Ive been to the trent uni night at their union on a saturday night and it was very good. I have also been to the ocean nights on a saturday for the nottingham uni people. And again it was excellent.

    Nottingham nightlife if you were to live there is terrible. Use to be good about 12 years ago or so, but now its shambolical. The only place i reccomend is bluerooms on a saturday. The lacemarket is practically all shut down. The market square is full of horrible scally pubs such as squares, or liberites. But then you have upper parliament steet which now have the burnt down liberties(someone had their nose bit off) the now shut down halo(someone got murdered outside of there last year), reflex and flares...st james steeet has got the woeful up and down under(if you have a full set of teeth then your doing well) and bar bla bla which is burbury and chain infested.

    Stick to the student nights, trust me.

    Shopping in nottingham is good. No doubt about it. Although nightlife is now shocking, it still holds its own in the shopping stakes. It has slipped down the rankings though due to the delayed broadmars extension and derby and liecester having new shopping centers. But never the less after birmigham its the best shopping in the midlands. It has a decent sized john lewis, a waitros, paul smith, hugo boss etc etc.


    Very good public trasport. The tram is especially good for the trent students. But most areas have a bus coming every 5 minutes.


    Nottingham was ok for graduates. But experian and capital one have both been very badly hit in nottingham. Nottingham has high unemployment, and north of the city has some of the highest unemployment in the country.


    Ill be brutally honest the city of nottingham is a complete write off. But unfortunately living in the suburbs is not very conveniant for communting to uni. Beeston is the only suburb which is conveniant for nottingham uni, trent uni i reccomend inner city living.

    best areas are wollaton, beeston, mapperly park and west bridgeford.

    the worst areas are claimed to be st anns and meadows. Which if you knew nottingham would know that complete *******. Actually bestwood, browtowe estate, bulwell, top vallet etc are ALOT worse than st anns and meadows, but the people that post on here know jack didle squat about nottingham. Avoid radford, hyson green, forest fields, basford, sneinton, sherwood rise and clifton....

    Hope you liked my guide and hope it was informative...

    There is an awful lot of opinion here rather than fact.

    Take it on board but also listen to the people on these boards who currently live in the area as well. Then make your own minds up.

    Spell checker is your friends.
    It would have made it much easier for everyone to read but nonetheless thanks for typing that all out.

    I've read it.

    This is a pretty misinformed thread. Statistically, it's no more dangerous to be a student in Nottingham than in any other major city. The crime that exists is concentrated in non-student areas, and the initial 'crime capital' reports from the think-tank Reform have been debunked due to sampling error. Anecdotally, my experience bears this out. Friends at Nottingham did not seem to have trouble more often than people at Manchester, Birmingham, and the London universities.

    If you don't LIKE the city that's another issue. But choosing not to go there because of crime is in my opinion idiotic.
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Updated: February 17, 2010
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