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How are people when they are 25, compared to 15? watch


    (Original post by little_green)
    At 25 I think I'm less tolerant of people who treat me like crap - 10 years ago, if a friend starting being a **** and messing me about, I would have been the one making all the effort and blaming myself if we fell out, but now I've no qualms about telling them to get lost. Having said that, I'm generally more laid-back and less likely to be involved in petty, pointless arguments and poin-scoring.

    Between 15 and 18(nearly 19) I've had that change quite dramatically. I mean I was never all that self concious but I'd probably not speak out if I disliked something. Now I just do not care at all, I'll say it how it is and do what I want.

    I like exotic animals, I have quite a few tarantula, scorpions etc. As you can imagine when you bring it up with rather plain people, you'll get reactions like "omg eww!". One guy at work was having a dig about it so I replied with...

    me: "what did you do last night?"

    Him: "went pub with X"

    me: "what did you do the day before, on your day off?"

    him: "football and then went pub later."

    me: "so all you know is sit in the ****** pub, which is opposite your house, every single day. It aint my problem you do **** all with your life, no hobbies or anything, and no watching the telly aint a hobby. I tell you what, I'll keep exotic pets and do a bit of photography. You can sit in the pub the whole time off your face, we'll just leave it at that ok?

    ....and it was never brought up again. Funny thing is we get on pretty well now, oddly I think he approved of my response. Likes a guy who doesn't take crap kind of thing.

    but yeah I'm a lot more realistic and cynical as well. Also examine situations a lot more closely. Don't judge anyone on face value etc. If it makes someone happy and people don't get that, then what they do is up to them, shouldn't be anyone else's problem. You'll probably find this ideology and my response to that guy above clashing. I think that, but if someone pisses me off, I'll belittle them back. I don't care he spends his life in the pub, his choice, though the fact it's wrecked my dads life makes me a bit wary of people who only do that.
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