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    Hello all,

    I did not do particularly well in my AS levels (ABCD) due to a lack of motivation and a few "issues" at home, however I have been predicted AAB but I feel that it's not totally out of my league to get AAA in the summer. From my 5 choices (Durham, York, Manchester, UEA ppe and Exeter Philosophy with political economy) I have only recieved offers from Manchester, Exeter and UEA.

    I'm adamant that I do not want to attend UEA after attending an open day however I am left with a dilema.

    I do not really know what the Philosophy with Political Economy course is really about, although I am attending an open day. Does anyone know how this compares to a straight up PPE degree. From what I can tell it would be slightly worse but would employers look at this?

    As I feel that I am able enough to attend PPE courses at York, Durham and perhaps Warwick I am thinking about accepting my two choices of Manchester and Exeter but trying to get AAA at the end of the year and then reapplying next year to slightly more academic universities. Is this a wise choice, what do you think my chances are of actually gaining a place at a better university a year later - what with places becoming shorter and increased tuition costs?

    Sorry for the long winded question, any help would be excellent!:yes:

    From this, I am unsure whether you've been rejected from Durham and York or simply haven't yet heard from them. If it is the former, then find out why you've been rejected - is it your grades, personal statement etc? If it is the latter, sit tight and wait it out - you never know what might happen yet.

    Either way, research the course at Exter and Manchester. If you've decided you don't want to go to UEA then fair enough, rule that out of the equation. Particularly with Exeter take a look at their course content, you might find it is a PPE course just under a different name, or even if it isn't straight PPE you might find you like it anyway. Exeter (and Manchester) are fine universities meaning employers wouldn't rate a degree from there any lower than one from York or elsewhere, I really wouldn't worry about this too much. Most graduate schemes (I'm a final year so have been looking into this a lot) focus on the skills you've gained from your degree and take a cross discipline approach - for the civil service fast stream for example, a PPE graduate wouldn't really fair any better than a politics and economics graduate, as it is about what you've gained/learnt/studied from the degree in general rather than the actual degree name itself. This is why most grad programmes as you to give details of all module titles etc as they know that degree names vary across universities and contain similar content. Seriously look into Manchester and Exeter rather than just blowing them off because they're not Durham, York or Warwick.

    Also, consider how you would feel if come this time next year you are holding rejections from York, Warwick and Durham. AAA (or any grades) will not guarentee you a place on some of the most competitive courses at very competitive universities. Consider how much of a difference going to York over Manchester to study PPE will make to your life in terms of your university experience and general life, as the chances are the difference will be minimal and the risk is probably not one worth taking. Similarly, if you reapply to Manchester and Exeter next year there is no guarentee they will give you another offer so you might be worse off than you are now.

    (Original post by Powderham)
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