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Does he like me? (Sorry for the length!) watch

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    Recently I went on holiday with my school and sat next to one of the boys from my year on the plane..
    We had a really good chat and told eachother about who we like etc..
    He said that he had been seeing one of my friends for a month but secretly..
    She didn't want to make it public and so he kept it quiet but now he didn't know whether she even liked him or not because she is a bit of a ****..
    He said that he knew he shouldn't like her because she treated him so badly but he couldn't help it..
    Because we sat next to eachother on the plane some boys on the trip thought we liked eachother so started to take the mick out of us.
    During the holiday we started to get closer and would lie on the bed everynight and hold hands or cuddle..
    The worst thing that happened was a kiss on the cheek, flirting and a couple of boob grazes (whether they were accident or not I don't know) but I don't see that being anything wrong at all..
    The boys continued to take the mick and started making up rumours about us..
    When we got home he told his girlfriend (now officially going out) not to believe any rumours she heard and she trusted him..
    We still flirt and recently he told me I had a really nice smile..
    I've liked a different boy for 2 years now and I told this new boy that I was over him and he said good because I was way too good for him and that was the absolute truth and when I said thank you he said no need to thank him because it was the absolute truth..
    All my mates recently went out for a meal including him and his girlfriend and half way through he stood up, kissed me on the cheek and wished me a happy birthday..
    We also had a photo of the three of us (me, him and his girlfriend) in which he has his head against mine meaning he is leaning away from his girlfriend meaning she looks like she isn't even part of the photo..
    The other day he also told me she was a controlling ***** but he somehow still liked her..
    Does anyone think he likes me at all?

    well that depends...what are your skillz? can you do the rubik's cube? that'd be a start, then he might like you.

    (Original post by schoolstudent)
    well that depends...what are your skillz? can you do the rubik's cube? that'd be a start, then he might like you.

    OP I dont think he likes you. espesh as u guys slept in the same bed on holiday and he didnt even try anything? I dunno...
    oh and btw boob grazes are never accidental, its stealth :ninja:

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    it sounds like he thinks of you as a good friend. i know that probably isn't what you want to hear but if he did want to try anything i think he probably would have while you were away, and his relationship with the other girl was still secret.
    buttttttt if it makes you feel any better and if you really like him, i've been in a situation similar to this and because we became close and were always very friendly and flirty, as soon as the guy broke up with his girlfriend it was me he came to and we hooked up almost immediately.
    so it's maybe worth hanging around and being a friend to him because if he's already seeing the controlling, bad sides to this girl it mightn't last much longer and he'll realise that you were there for him when his girlfriend wasn't
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    No, he has officially made u his boredom *****, so we he gets bored of his girl he can come running to you. i know a lot of guys who have this sort of relationship with another girl. We tell you that our girlfriends are being a pain etc. so you can come along without thinking your a slut. He probably loves her but needs another girl to love him when she doesnt or there are problems hence the reason he comes to you when there are problems. Its never good to be the second girl or the mistress they never recieve any love just the fact that we release our sexual tension/frustration on them. Us guys only ever love girl number 1 or wife. Because without her truly were not all that! Sorry to break your heart but you need to be girl number 1 not girl number 2
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