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Public Speaking....FML! watch

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    Just need some advice really. Next week I have to present an article - it's pretty long and I can just usually about read ONE sentence in class.

    I'm so nervous but I know it's irrational. I get out of breath, turn red, sweat, stutter...
    I'm going to feel like everyone is bored and uncomfortable while I'm rattling on.

    How the **** do I just calm down?! All I need to do is read a few pages of A4 but I feel like the world is on my shoulders.

    Public speaking is fun!

    Just take a deep breath, look the audience in the eye and get on with it.

    Also, try reading through your article a few times before and practising, so you don't stumble. Have confidence, etc...

    the more you prepare for it the more comfortable youll be with what you are saying

    i used to be terrified of public speaking but i can honestly say that the more you do it the better it gets and it does fantastic things to your confidence levels

    just breathe, forget the audience is there, you are definitely not the only person scared of public speaking.
    practise reading it out aloud to yourself when you have free time, and maybe in front of a few friends?

    good luck

    Apparently imagining people naked helps.
    I've never quite understod this myself...But then again i've had some pretty horrific looking teachers so...

    Usually, in class, I'm the quiet one who doesn't join in the massive conversations...but give me a presentation to do or a problem to work through in front of the class, and I'll be fine. In fact, I had to do a 5 minute presentation on roller coasters last year, and I was ******** myself before I went up, but when I was standing there, I spoke naturally.

    I think the key is to pretend you're having a one-on-one conversation. Each person doesn't see themself as a multitude of brains working together to intimidate you, they see themselves as individuals whoa are listening to you as if it were no different to if you were talking to them in private, if you see what I mean.
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