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    (Original post by emzie)
    yeh but tom the oxford ppl know what they are doing (most of the time) they've been doing it for ages, they choose the process they think is best to select the candidates THEY want, who possesses this quality that THEY want - this quality is not just about good exam grades, and will come accross in interivew (this so called 'spark'.) If you were too asleep in your interview you only have yourself to blame - you should have gone to bed earlier and got up early so that you were fully awake - i know about early morning interviews, i had 2 on the same day, i was 2nd in the morning then one of the last at night, but no biggy, you deal with it.
    Exactly. I really don't understand all these people who keep harping on about how exam grades at GCSE and AS Level are the best measure of a person's intelligence, because they really aren't! Getting all As and A*s at GCSE proves that you are either a hard worker, have a good memory, or both: it says next to nothing about your intelligence. A complete moron can get away with straight As at GCSE, provided they -work hard- and -memorize all the material-. Simple as that. Now, this is not so easy when you get to A Level- year thirteen is all about knowing the information, but more importantly, applying it. A Level is about having your own mind, forming an opinion independent of the textbook and thinking in an original manner. You have to be creative, logical, and quick witted, all at the same time. This is not something you can prove that you have with a bunch of fancy GCSES: this is real intelligence, and this is what Oxbridge are after. This ability to think on your feet, to come up with original solutions, this is what they try to pry out of you in that interview. So stop with the bragging about meaningless GCSE grades already!

    (Original post by TomB2000)
    But relying on an interview to select candidates is not right - they are selecting candidates purely on first impressions!
    The interview is such an unreliable selection procedure that Oxford often get their admissions wrong - look at all the clever people being rejected and stupid people being let in.

    Perhaps they should have a system similar to UCL where they eliminate nearly everyone before interview, so that once you get to interview there is 75% chance of you getting in - thus the interview serves as a final check to make sure noone slips through the selection net, rather than the basis for selection
    The interview is the best way to get to know the person. The application could have been sent to -and probably has- many teachers, parents etc.

    Also, for medicine first impressions are going to be very important - its what the patients are gonna see for the rest of their careers.
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