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Night Climbing

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You could always nick a statue and stand in its place for the night...
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think someone tried to crash trinity, we saw her swimming by the wren library (where we were watching the fireworks) i couldn't see well, but apparantly she was also naked :redface: :eek:

Lol. Yes I saw that girl too. She must have swum for miles because I saw her (or another naked girl!) swim past Clare.
I hate to think of the infections... :eek:
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eugh. cam mingness. few sidney people got ratted on the pimms that night, and bungeed jumped off the punts after the fireworks, for fun :confused:
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someone has put an old school mini on the top of one the college's roofs before (this is not a myth as i live in cambridge and saw it when i was like 6)
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i have an inflatable "early learning centre" mini in my room...full of plastic balls - thas kinda similar!
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someone has put an old school mini on the top of one the college's roofs before (this is not a myth as i live in cambridge and saw it when i was like 6)

Probably a direct copy of this:

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I'd love to see more of those MITesque 'hacks' in Cambridge.
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I'd happily help plan and execute such shenanigans at Cambridge should I get there and not be sent down before hand :smile:.
Yes I would like to note that the Cam van was before the MIT police cruiser (and the cam van was a real van)

Don't worry, guys. I'm on the way. I'll get you some hacks.

Just curious, what's the worst you could get into if you were responsible for, say, the installation of a very large object on top of a very tall building? Can you get dismissed, whipped, arrested? Of course I suppose that if you were to apply your hacks to the other place, and you weren't caught, you'd be safe (and much appreciated), but I'd hate to think of what would happen if you did. They teach classes in what to do in that situation, don't they? And frankly I don't think we hate them as much as they hate us, and I'm not that motivated to hop on a train to bug them.

Also roofs are fun, it would seem there would probably be tunnels too. Those are more fun (to me) than roofs. Is there any urban spelunking? Then again the fens are probably not the best land to have a tunnel in, and if I remember correctly they were reclaimed from marshland, so perhaps a tunnel wouldn't be pragmatic.

We need to start a double secret hack soc...
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you can get sent down for climbing on colleges, therefore i think climbing on them in order to install a large object would be frowned upon further....
Suppose it were the senate house..... that's certainly not in a college. :-)
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A double secret hack soc would be cool. Invitation only.

Rule one: don't talk about double secret hack soc.
Rule two: don't type about double secret hack soc.
Rule three: if someone taps out... I mean...
Rule three: try not to get sent down.
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Wow. Just wow. Those Caius and MIT pages are inspiring.

I'm hopefully coming to Cam this October... :wink:

P.S. Sorry to bring this topic up again but I've just been on holiday.
I reckon the most famous night-climbing story has to be the one involving King's Chapel, the mountaineering society and a traffic cone...

For those not in the know: one night (according to legend) members of the mountaineering society decided it would be a good idea to scale King's College Chapel and stick a traffic cone on one of the spikes on top. The following day the city council began to erect scaffolding in order to retrieve the cone, but didn't complete the scaffolding in one day so the workers went home for the night; that night the mountaineers climbed up again and moved the cone along a few spikes...

Ah, students.
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aHH. Besides a traffic cone, has anyone stuck anything on top of any roofs yet? big and significant. MIT's hacks are really funny. did ye'all see the one where they hid the chancellor's office or something?
Frankly getting kicked out is a big deterent. I don't think *anyone* has gotten kicked out of MIT for hacks. Quite the opposite. In fact I believe that even the tunnel hackers are pretty safe (despite trespassing, lock picking, and a lot more crime than climbing a building to decorate it). But then again they're an engineering school and I think they appreciate the hack as an engineering triumph more than civil disobdience. It's not easy to get R2D2 up onto the Great Dome, nor the Austin referenced previously, but frankly I don't know most are willing to risk being sent down to plant their flag on the buildings.

I'm personally a big boulderer and I think I could do some of these climbs without lines, but most of the night climbing stuff sounds like they defaced the building to drill in protection. That's acceptable in nature but not on historic architecture. And obviously it's a bit frightening to think of spending thousands of dollars only to get sent down for a nice hack.
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No, no one got kicked from MIT. I think the dean once even said that he whished he had been involved in a hack when asked whether he knew who did it.