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    Grades: AABB (As in French and sociology, Bs in history and English lit)

    Did you meet your predictions? I don't know what they were, but my target grades were A in English, A/B in sociology, B in French and B in history, so I met or beat all except English.

    Are you happy with your grades? I'm not really sure, to be honest. I got 300/300 in sociology and 290/300 in French, which I was obviously very happy with, but I was only 3 marks off an A in English (237) which annoyed me a bit! Also, I'm not too upset about getting an overall B in history, but I got a D on Unit 2, which I thought I'd done really well in :confused: In fact, no-one got an A in history and everyone did much worse than expected in that unit, so I might ask for my script back and then either request a remark or resit.

    Grades - Maths A Physics A Computing A Chemistry B Further Maths (Module 1) U :mad:

    Predictions? - Just what I thought

    Happy? - I hoped i could at least get an E for FM but it was damn hard! Can retake that one next year! Otherwise very happy

    Other - Got full marks in Computing Mod 1!!!!! Going out 2nite to celebrate results!

    Grades:General studeis A, Music B, English lit c, history c, maths d

    Did you meet your predictions? nope

    Are you happy with your grades? nope

    Any other comments devastated considering I was going to do history at uni, now I have to rethink

    Maths: A (249/300) Bit disappointed with the UMS after I got 97% from C1 in Jan but ah well
    Physics: A (268/300) :eek: :dancing:
    Biology: B (239/300) Just one mark away :mad:
    Chemistry: B (215/300) Slightly disappointed but still happy

    Did you meet your predictions?
    Matched my own expectation except I got an A in Physics when I was expecting a C. Got 1-2 grades higher than my teacher's predictions in every subject

    Are you happy with your grades?
    I was expecting Bs in Chem and Bio but was not expecting such a high UMS in Bio. I spent the whole of last month hoping that by some miracle, i got a B in Physics so I was slightly surprised!

    Any other comments:
    W00t! Might get Biology remarked. I may also change my mind and decide to take Bio to A2 instead of Chemistry. I really messed up my Chemistry practical which dragged my marks down

    Congrats to anyone who did better than they expected. To any who didn't - don't worry, there are always retakes!

    My results:

    Business Studies (dropping it):

    Unit 1: 90/90
    Unit 2: 90/90
    Unit 3: 75/120 - something may be wrong here, I scraped a C on this module - to be remarked.

    Overall: 255/300 (A)


    Unit 1: 83/90
    Unit 2: 90/90
    Unit 3: 120/120

    Overall: 293/300 (A)


    C1: 100/100
    C2: 99/100
    S1: 100/100

    Overall: 299/300 (A)


    Unit 1: 86/90
    Unit 2: 90/90
    Unit 3: 119/120

    Overall: 295/300 (A)

    On the whole I'm happy; I'm dropping Business Studies (AKA BS [********?]) so I may accept the 255, but I'm likely to have unit 3 remarked.

    Grades: AAAA: 300/300 Physics 295/300 History 294/300 Geography 297/300 Economics

    Are you happy with your grades? **** yeah

    Any other Comments: W00000000T

    Grades:General studeis A, Economics A (Perfect Score), Maths A, German A, ICT B (But a resit will correct that...I had a bad day), History C (I hate you Mr. McDonald but the 2 other modules where another teacher stepped in I got A and B [almost A])

    Did you meet your predictions? well apart from ICT, i guess so

    Are you happy with your grades? Not really....history fills me with great pain but Eco cheers me up again.



    Jan 05 BUS1 (90) - 90
    Jun 05 BUS2 (90) - 38
    Jun 05 BUS3 (120) - 78

    June 05 ENB1 (105) - 74 :cool:
    June 05 ENB2 (105) - 74 :cool:
    June 05 ENB3 (Cwk) (90) - 63

    ICT - D(d)
    Jun 05 ICT1 (90) - 33 :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Jan 05 ICT2 (90) - 52 :rolleyes:
    Jun 05 ICT3 (120) - 86 :tsr: (Amazing, considering I pretty much did the whole project write up in 2 days)


    General Studies - D(d)
    The Cultural Domain (90) - 60 = c :p:
    The Scientific Doman (90) - 39 = e :mad: (This stopped me getting a C!)
    The Social Domain 1 (120) - 74 = c :p:

    I went in with no expectations, and knew I could always resit modules. I might resit a few if I feel it will not stress me out too much, but overall I am very happy with the grades I have got. Obviously not as good as AAAAA but I'm not planning on going to University, rather my aim is simply to expand my qualifications while looking for a permanent job offer. I am really annoyed about ICT1, I knew all the answers so will be requesting a photocopy.

    I am dropping ICT next year and instead picking up Computing AS, as I feel I know more about the technical side of computers rather than the office side.

    But I musn't forget a D is still a pass at College, therefore the day went well

    Had a blast at AS levels. Take a look at my resuts. (All 4 subjects from edexcel)

    ________________________________ ______________________________
    Physics 1: 90/90
    Physics 2: 90/90
    Physics 3: 114/120

    Total: 294/300

    ________________________________ ________________________________

    Chemistry 1: 83/90
    Chemistry 2: 84/90
    Chemistry 3: 120/120

    Total: 287/300

    ________________________________ ________________________________

    Core maths C1: 99/100
    Core maths C2: 97/100
    Mechanics M1: 92/100

    Total: 288/300 GRADE A

    ________________________________ _______________________________

    Computing 1: 100/100
    Computing 2:100/100
    Computing 3: 100/100

    Total: 300/300 (WOW!!! full marks!) GRADE A

    ________________________________ _______________________________

    They r more than what I expected. 1169/1200 is a lot of marks and I am just thrilled at what I have achieved. Hope 2 carry it onto A2 as well.

    Grades: Biology (A) Chemistry (B) Maths (A) Art (A)

    Did you meet your predictions? My personal predicted grades, yep. Don't know what my real ones are.

    Are you happy with your grades? Yep! Except for Chemistry, though. Missed out on an A by only a few marks.

    Any other comments: Retake Chemistry 1. Otherwise, celebrating

    Grades: chemistry A (266)
    biology A (266)
    maths A (276)
    further maths A (282)
    psychology A (295)

    Predicteds???: Pretty much, except i didn't have a clue about psychology as i taught myself. I was just as likely to get a U for all i knew.

    Happy???: Very. Burst into tears (1st time i have ever done that) got 100 in D1 which is just a joke really and 100 in social psych and research methods, which i was very very happy about.

    Comments: Hopefully i'll now get the elusive 10/10 for academics at edinburgh med!!!!!

    Grades: A-bio, A-psych, B-chem, B/D-german [i misheard]
    Did you meet your predictions? Urm yah but they were all A/B. And yep AABD is what I predicted myself on here for months!

    Are you happy with your grades? Well I don't have my exact marks so can't say but yah obviously I'm pleased with AABB, if it was a D in German I'm upset and I don't know what to do about it. No I do, get drunk!

    Grades: A Maths
    A Physics
    A Chemistry
    A Business Studies
    A General Studies
    E Critical Thinking

    Did you meet your predictions? Yep

    Are you happy with your grades? DEFINETELY ;D

    Any other comments: Never liked critical thinking anyways!

    Grades: Nuffield Chemistry - A (279/300)
    Maths - A (271/300)
    Physics - A (281/300)
    Biology - A (257/300)

    Did you meet your predictions? Yes ! !!!

    Are you happy with your grades? Well pleased !!!

    Any other comments:
    Exams I owned:
    Physics 2 (90/90)
    Chem Nuff 2 (120/120)


    Maths- A (256/300)
    French- A (271/300)
    Film Studies- A (279/300)
    English Literature - B (but 239/300, ONE MARK OFF seriously how annoying is that?)
    General Studies- A (293/300)

    Did you meet expectations? Yeah, except maybe in English

    Are you happy with your grades? Seriously I'm over the moon



    AS (AQA. Spec B)
    Jan 05: Mod 1: 86/90
    Jun 05: Mod 2: 81/90
    Jun 05 (+cwk): Mod 3: 120/120
    => 287/300 (A)

    AS (Edex. Nuff)
    Jan 05: Mod 1: 88/90
    Jun 05: Mod 2: 120/120
    Cwk: Mod 3: 90/90
    => 298/300 (A)

    AS (Edex)
    Jan 05: C1: 100/100
    Jan 05: C2: 100/100
    Jun 05: M1: 100/100
    => 300/300 (A)

    A2 (Edex)
    Jun 05: C3: 97/100
    Jun 05: C4: 100/100
    Jun 05: S1: 100/100 [fully self-taught]
    => 297/300 (A)

    => Total A level: 597/600 (A)

    Jun 05: Physics in A/ction: 93/100
    Jun 05: Understanding Processes: 99/110
    Cwk: Physics in Practice: 88/90
    => 280/300 (A)

    Did you meet your predictions?


    Are you happy with your grades?


    Any other comments:

    I plan to continue with all five subjects next year. If my school lets me.

    Computing Unit 1 (CPT1) - 92/105
    Computing Unit 2 (CPT2) - 105/105
    Computing Unit 3 (CPT3) - 65/90

    Overall 262/300 - A

    Statistics Unit 1 (SS1B) - 96/100
    Statistics Unit 2 (SS02) - 99/100
    Statistics Unit 3 (SS03) - 98/100

    Overall 293/300 - A

    Chemistry: Foundation Chemistry - 79/90
    Chemistry: Chains and Rings - 78/90
    Chemistry: How Far, How Fast (w/coursework) - 109/120

    Overall 266/300 - A

    Physics: Forces and Motion - 89/90
    Physics: Electrons and Photons - 84/90
    Physics: Wave Properties (w/practical) - 104/120

    Overall 277/300 - A

    Critical Thinking - 249/300 - A

    Core Mathematics 1 (C1) - 92/100
    Core Mathematics 2 (C2) - 96/100
    Statistics 1 (S1) - 83/100

    Overall 271/300 - A

    Core Mathematics 3 (C3) - 96/100
    Core Mathematics 4 (C4) - 97/100
    Statistics 2 (S2) - 81/100

    Overall 545/600 - A

    I'm a bit disappointed with some of my module marks... but I suppose I can't have everything.


    I did AS Latin a year early and i got an A!!!!!!
    WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!! 276 out of 300!!!!! way higher than i could have ever expected!!!!
    now i've got to wait a week to get my GCSE results. it's gonna be a long week.
    well done to everyone

    Grades: C for general studies, D for computing, D for maths, Further maths not finished, and E for physics

    Did you meet your predictions? no, i was predicted Cs and Ds

    Are you happy with your grades? no way, couldn't stop crying, i think i did worst in my form

    Any other comments: i hate my subjects

    god your all such clever bunnies!!

    Maths: Overall grade.... U
    Intro the Advanced maths... Unclassified (24/100)
    Concepts of advanced maths... Unclassified (22/100)
    Mechanics.... Unclassfied (4/100)

    Computer Science: Overall grade... C (i think lol)
    Systems, programming and networking... D (55/105)
    Practical Systems development (72/90) A
    Princples of hardware + software... B (82/105)

    General studies: Overal grade...B
    conflict (57/100)
    power (78/100)
    space (87/100)

    Business Studies... Overal grade... A
    Business Decisions... A (90/90)
    Business Behaviour... A (120/120)
    that thing in jan... a full marks on that too

    Did you meet your predictions?
    had none =D

    Happy? Not sure... happy with business, not sure what to make of computing and maths speaks for it self =D

    comments: I have no idea what to do next year course wise. i want to get into uni, but obviously thats not going to happen with only 2 a levels

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