Anyone had any offers/rejections from ox or cam yet?

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anyone applied for architecture at jesus?

would all answers be sent out on the same day, regardless of the subject?
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(Original post by dreamer)
I think a month is fairly quick actually- tutors have to decide in their heads, then with the other interviewers. Then I presume offers/pool ratio, negotiate overall quotas within the college.

Then do all the rest of their lives. Organise Xmas with family/friends etc. Mark work over the holidays.

Added to this the awful feeling you might be making a wrong decision...especially as there might not be much separating students at interview.

Just a thought.
Yes Dreamer, you make a very good point. I suppose in all the emotion we do not see it from the College's perspective.

Your point is very valid for the big subjects such as law. However, for the minority subjects, such as Archaeology and Anthropology, I would suggest that the decisions are made very quickly. All the interviews will have been done within days of one another, few spaces are offered, fewer people apply, and therefore there are fewer decisions to make, and fewer negotiations to be made.

I am not sure how 'awful' a tutor would feel for 'wrongly' admitting students (as you say, there will be practically nothing separating them). These tutors are doing **** loads of interviews and I would think that the 'awful' feeling doesnt last long.
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