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    I had a really stupid results dream the other night where my local betting shop was betting on my grades. I didn't see the odds but it freaked me out.

    I had a dream I was on holiday in Barbados and looking forward to my A-level results.There was this fat old woman who kept annoying me throughout the dream.

    Anyway I decided to kayak to St.Barts but I got there and it looked like a map on the sea(ie.a dot then "Gustavia" to mark where the city was etc.)so I kayaked back to Barbados.

    I then found myself in this weird building and was set loads of tasks to do.Then I ended up back at home and went to get the bus to get my results and the fat old lady was going ,"Haha,I got my results!" and she was really annoying me.

    I already knew I had 2 A's but I thought I had a D too so I was really scared.Then the bus drove by a sandwich shop and I thought 'Oooh I want a sandwich!'

    Then I woke up.

    Last night, my dream revisited my life in secondary school...can this dream be summing up my life to date, in an effort to prepare me for a new chapter i'm about to begin?

    ....probably not, but i'd like to think it was! :rolleyes:

    ive got my uni results this year... but last year i had a good few dreams 'predicting' my results. one i got AaBB (3 A2s and 1 AS) another i got Cs/Ds. but they didnt reflect my real results (AAAa :p:).

    further to this, i dreamt this year that i got results so bad that they wouldnt even tell me one of my marks (the average was about 40% though) and another saying i got 75% even though i managed to foul up one exam.
    the reality was that i got 72%.

    SO IN CONCLUSION, dont listen to your head

    youll be fine
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