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    (Original post by smailliwharas)
    hey there geek, we should be friends :hugs:

    Yes, I'd like that very much. GU! GU! GU! :ahee:


    Screen Name: Crawley Haywards

    Gender: Male

    Surname: Haywards

    First Name: Crawley

    Birth Place: West London

    Birth Date: 2nd March 1988

    Age: 23

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Kent

    Siblings (Names & Ages): N/A

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Lefty/Righty: Right for writing; left for everything else


    KS3 SATS: (A vague guess)

    KS3 Maths: 4

    KS3 English: 6

    KS3 Science: 6

    GCSEs (no apostrophe ) :

    Year taken: 2004, school in the London Borough of Bexley

    Eng: B
    Eng Lit: B
    Maths: C
    Science: C (yes, the dreaded Science; not Phys / Bio / Chem!)
    German: B
    French: B
    Spanish: C [NB: Taken when studied the AS-Levels '06-'07]
    ICT: B
    Food Technology (I burnt sausage rolls at the end of Year 9, but I still took it at GCSE) : C
    Religious Studies (Short Course) : B
    Citizensip: taught, but not taken as a GCSE
    PE: See above

    Vocational Education (2004-2006):
    BTEC Nat Dip: ICT Practitioners: MMP

    Year taken: 2006-2007 (local FE College)
    [Did not take A2s due to ill-health] Actually had enough UCAS points on the ND

    English Lit/Lang Comb: B
    Sociology: B

    Started BSc Computer Systems but did not pursue due to ill-health
    Now awaiting BA Social Sciences at the OU


    Colour: Orange

    Sport: None

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Orange juice or milk

    Alcoholic Drink: Leffe

    Football (Soccer) Team: NA

    School Subject: English / Sociology

    Holiday Destination: I surrendered my passport a few months ago... So the local town centre!!?

    Crisp Flavour: Cheese and Onion

    Soap Opera: I watched Home and Away as a young-'un; these days, don't bother.

    The Green Mile or About A Boy

    General Interests & Aspirations

    Taking the BA SS degree for enjoyment, and to fill a few years! I'm not brilliant at mixing with others, so at least I can study from home.

    (Original post by smailliwharas)
    birth place: rutherglen
    Ah, I know Rutherglen... Better than Toryglen


    Screen Name: lectabuzz

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Christopher

    First Name: Megan

    Birth Place: Blackpool

    Birth Date: 29/06/95

    Age: 16

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Blackpool

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Liam (8) and Abby (12)

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Naturally brown, dyed blonde.

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    KS3 SATS: Pretty sure I didn't do them.


    Colour: Red

    Sport: Horse Riding

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Coffee

    Alcoholic Drink: Don't really drink that much alcohol.

    Football (Soccer) Team: Couldn't be less interested in football if I tried.

    School Subject: History

    Holiday Destination: France

    Crisp Flavour: Salt & Vinegar

    Soap Opera: Don't watch soaps.

    Movie: Pulp Fiction

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I generally spend my time watching movies and reading books. I'd like to study Law at university, but I've not fully decided yet.


    Screen Name: Grungegurgle

    Gender: Female

    Birth Date: 07/08/92

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Pluto

    Eye Colour: blue/green

    Hair Colour: brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    (--I just skipped this boredom, i mean i didn't skip education[oh well...])

    Current University, End Outcome (BA, BSc, MMath etc), Year and Course:
    First year, Queen Margaret University, BA Theatre and Film


    Colour: dark blue

    Sport: running

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: coffee

    Alcoholic Drink: irish cream

    Football (Soccer) Team: none (yet?)

    School Subject: art & english

    Holiday Destination: The world

    Crisp Flavour: none

    Soap Opera: Are you serious???

    Movie: "Bande à part", "Little Murders", "The Knack and How To Get It", "If..." etc

    General Interests & Aspirations

    Everything. To go paragliding some day. I don't know. Ask me later.


    Screen Name:Pettra


    Surname: Holloway

    First Name:Zoe

    Birth Placeouthampton

    Birth Date: 16/6

    Age: 35

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): UK

    Siblings (Names & Ages):

    Eye Colour: Green/brown

    Hair Colour: brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    Colour: Purple

    Sport: N/A

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: anything that does not have sweetener in it

    Alcoholic Drink: wine

    Football (Soccer) Team:

    School Subject:

    Holiday Destination:

    Crisp Flavour:

    Soap Opera: EastEnders

    Movie: Who will love my children

    General Interests & Aspirations

    (Talk here for 2 or 3 sentences about what you enjoy, and where you hope to get to)

    I enjoy meeting and gaining new friends.I love to learn everyday. I wish to be a Nurse / Midwife by 2018


    Im Kaycee from New york.. I love this site, but i dont knw how to make my gallery images turn to my profile avatar what do i do?


    Screen Name: jamie.c

    Gender: Male

    Surname: Collins

    First Name: Jamie

    Birth Place: The Wirral (by Liverpool)

    Birth Date: 11/5

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): The Wirral

    Siblings (Names & Ages): two older sisters (29 and 28)

    Eye Colour: brown/hazel

    Hair Colour: dark brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    Colour: blue/green

    Sport: none :\

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: irn bru!

    Alcoholic Drink: beer

    Football (Soccer) Team: Liverpool FC

    School Subject: French/German

    Holiday Destination: France

    Crisp Flavour: Cheese and Onion

    Soap Opera: n/a

    Movie: The Silence of the Lambs

    General Interests and Aspirations

    (Talk here for 2 or 3 sentences about what you enjoy, and where you hope to get to)

    I'm always up for meeting new people and wouldn't mind being an interpreter after university!

    Screen Name: Fahrenheit 451
    Gender: Female
    Surname: Carroll
    First Name: Lauren
    Birth Date: 21/09/94
    Age: 16
    Current Place of Residence: Cardiff
    Siblings: Lyndon (26), Andrew (25)
    Eye Colour: Dark blue
    Hair Colour: Dark brown
    Lefty/Righty: Right for handwriting, otherwise ambidextrous

    Colour: Pink
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Banana smoothie
    Alcoholic Drink: It all tastes the same to me
    School Subject: English
    Holiday Destination: Ireland
    Crisp Flavour: Ready salted... I'm boring, I know
    Soap Opera: Game of Thrones?
    Movie: A Tale of Two Sisters

    General Interests & Aspirations
    - I enjoy reading (mostly speculative fiction) and watching films. I'm an animal lover (vegetarian to boot) who's shamelessly addicted to nature documentaries. I have a lot of other geek interests too.
    - I aspire to study English at a decent university but otherwise... I'll have to wait to see what life has in store for me! I recently made a post asking for help for deciding which A Levels I should choose, if anyone's curious.

    Hey Supp ??

    Hello, everyone. I created an account on here today to inquire about university courses. No replies FTL
    Eh, doesn't matter.... Just me being impatient.


    Screen Name: MrSquire

    Gender: Male (Possibly Yokai)

    Surname: Edwards

    First Name: Ryan

    Birth Place: Newport

    Birth Date: 20/01/93

    Age: 18

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Cwmbran, Wales.

    Siblings (Names & Ages): I'd prefer not to divulge family details until i'm comfortable with this forum

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Black

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    KS3 SATS

    KS3 Maths: 4

    KS3 English: 5

    KS3 Science: 5


    Year taken

    English: B
    Mathematics: B
    Religious Education: B
    Science: C
    Drama: C
    P.E: C
    Design Technology: C
    Welsh: C
    ICT: C

    Universities (Considering) Applying to:
    1: Bournemouth
    2: Manchester Met
    3: Bristol
    4: ???
    5: ???


    Colour: Green

    Sport: Fishing

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Irn Bru

    Alcoholic Drink: Cider <3

    Football Team: Not really interested...

    School Subject: Drama (Why didn't I take this for AS? ;_; )

    Holiday Destination: People go outside the UK? TRAITORS :O

    Crisp Flavour: Salt and Vinegar

    Soap Opera: ...

    Movie: The Matrix

    General Interests & Aspirations

    I enjoy playing Touhou... On lunatic.
    It's the cause of hair loss and insanity!
    Other than that, I enjoy mingling and making ametuer sprites. I hope to become a Games Design/Developer overseas in the future years... Hopefully in America or Japan.


    Screen Name: CuriousX

    Gender: Male

    Surname: Goldie

    First Name: Mark

    Birth Place: Hebron, Israel

    Birth Date: 23/07/1991

    Age: 20

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): UK

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Daniel, 15

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Lefty/Righty: Left



    English: A*
    English Language: A
    Maths: A*
    Physics: A
    Chemistry: A
    Biology: A
    German: B
    ICT: B (equivalent)
    History: A
    Business Studies: A*
    RE: A

    AS Levels (currently being done)


    University of Leeds


    Colour: Blue

    Sport: Trolling

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Orange Juice

    Football (Soccer) Team: N/A (I hate football - at my first and only match, I derived more amusement from counting the roof support beams than watching the game)

    School Subject: Economics

    Holiday Destination: China

    Crisp Flavour: Ready Salted

    Good Lord, Mark. I wish I could get those grades ;_;
    Still, nice sport chosen, there.

    hello every boody

    I'am smail and I want to be friend of u

    may I be from u ?


    Screen name: rebeccamarian
    Gender: female
    Surname: Miller
    Birth Place: Brownhills, Walsall, Birmingham
    Current place of residence: Newport, South Wales
    Siblings: Rachel, 17
    Eye Colour: Hazel-Orange
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Lefty/Righty: Both :/

    GCSE'S: some results pending, others to be taken next year.
    A'levels: hopefully.
    Uni: hopefully

    Colour: anything but pink.
    Sport: Running, sprinting, netball and cycling
    Alcoholic Drink: any ?
    Non-alcoholic drink: dandelion and burdock <3
    Football Team: the one with the fittest players. :P
    School Subject: English, French and Art
    Holiday Destination: just wanna travel and explore my findings.
    Crisp Flavour: anything but ready salted and salt/vinegar.

    General Interest / Hobbies:
    - Reading > i cannot live without a book
    - Volunteering in the community
    - Partying.
    - Laughing
    - Flute (grade 7) / Piano (grade 5) / Singing.
    - Love cars.

    - To learn the saxaphone and look uber cool whilst playing it.
    - To study law in uni and become a barrister / QC / Silk
    - To own several sports cars. <33

    Dream: to become a mechanical engineer for formula 1.:cool:

    Screen Name: kate-iona
    Gender: Female
    Surname: MacFarlane
    First Name: Kate
    Birth Place: Leeds
    Birth Date: 30th December 1993
    Age: 17
    Current Place of Residence: Wortley, Leeds
    Siblings (Names & Ages): 1 brother, James, hes 21.
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Lefty/Righty: Lefty

    KS3 SATS
    KS3 Maths: 7
    KS3 English: 7
    KS3 Science: 7

    GCSE's (Year taken: 2010)
    Maths: B
    English Lit: A
    English Lang: A
    ICT: B (equivalent)
    Food Tech: A
    History: B
    Chemistry: B
    Biology: B
    Business Studies: B
    ICT Web Design & Graphics: B (equivalent)
    RE: B

    AS Levels
    Awaiting Results!

    Universities Applied to:
    hoping for Leeds Met / Leeds Trinity

    Colour: green/purple
    Sport: swimming
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: red bull/cheaper caffeinated drink depending on funds..
    Alcoholic Drink: Kopparberg, but it all tastes the same after the first few...
    Football Team: Dont really follow, but Leeds i suppose.
    School Subject: English
    Holiday Destination: Florida
    Crisp Flavour: Salt & Vinegar
    Soap Opera: Corrie, my guilty pleasure... :/

    General Interests:

    To become a teacher


    Screen Name: Nerdfighter28

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Fighter

    First Name:Nerd

    Birth Place: London

    Birth Date: 28/05/95

    Age: 16

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): UK

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Two brothers, six and 14 and a sister, 15.

    Eye Colour: Brown

    Hair Colour: Brown

    Lefty/Righty: Righty


    KS3 SATS

    KS3 Maths: 4a :rolleyes:

    KS3 English: 5

    KS3 Science:5 :cool:


    Year taken: 2010

    [RS]: [A*]
    [Core Science]: [A*]
    [IT]: [B ]

    Remainder of results pending :eek:

    AS Levels-- Starting in September '11

    English Literature
    Maybe Physics


    Colour: Teal

    Sport: Tennis

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Smoothies. Any Smoothie.

    Alcoholic Drink: I don't drink alcohol :angelblush:

    Football (Soccer) Team: Don't follow any team but Manchester United for the sake of it :dontknow:

    School Subject: Chemistry :headbang:

    Holiday Destination: Italia. I've never been though

    Crisp Flavour: Prawn Cocktail a:mmm:

    Soap Opera: Gossip Girl Unless Doctor Who is a soap :hmmmm2:

    Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

    General Interest and Aspirations

    I :heart: reading books.
    I want to travel the world someday, maybe on a gap year? And I want to study medicine at University :cool:

    Watsup every1 !!!


    Screen Namerizm3d
    First Name:Priank
    Birth Place:Maputo, Mozambique
    Birth Date:5th April 1993
    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too):Maputo, Mozambique
    Siblings (Names & Ages)arshil (12) and Dinshi (16)
    Eye Colour:Greenish
    Hair Colour:Black
    Lefty/Righty:Right xD though I find the ability of using both hands to be awesome


    IGCSE's: 2010 May/June
    Chemistry A*
    Physics A*
    Biology A*
    English 2nd Language A*
    Portuguese 2nd Language A*
    Math A
    Geography A
    Computers A
    English 1st Language - Awaiting Results

    AS Levels 2011 May/June
    Math - Awaiting Results
    Chemistry - Awaiting Results
    Biology - Awaiting Results
    Physics - Awaiting Results

    Universities Applied to:
    1:Imperial College London - EE Engineering - Reject
    2outhampton University - Engineering Foundation - Conditional BBBB - Firm Hopefully i meet the conditions xD
    3:Nottingham University - Engineering Foundation - Conditional BBBB - Insurance
    4:Brunel University - EE Engineering - Reject


    Colour:Red and Black
    Non-Alcoholic Drink:Water Trust me its good 4 u :P
    Alcoholic Drink:Wine from Porto and Johnny Walker Black Label..... Probably because I did not try Gold, Green or Blue Labels
    Football (Soccer) Teamporting Clube de Portugal 4EVAAAA
    School Subject:I guess it would be Maths
    Holiday Destination:Paris
    Crisp Flavour:Chutney
    Soap Opera:Chuck and 90210

    General Interests & Aspirations
    I absolutely love listening to music.... I spend most of my free time on the internet or playing games xD
    For the time being my aspiration is to get accepted to SOTON uni in the long term i hope to finish a Masters degree in Engineering and get a great job with enough freetime to enjoy life

    Hey everyone!!!!

    Screen Name: Bhadra

    Gender: Female

    Surname: Sreejith

    First Name:Bhadra

    Birth Place: India

    Birth Date: 13/09/96

    Age: almost 15

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): PJ, Malaysia

    Siblings (Names & Ages): Bharath, 13
    Eye Colour: black

    Hair Colour: black

    Lefty/Righty: righty though I always thought being a lefty would be cooler.

    GCSE's: I'm just going to Year 10 in September!


    Colour: purple, the colour of royalty

    Sport: badminton and cricket. But I love watching all sports.

    Non-Alcoholic Drink: juice..???

    Alcoholic Drink: Not allowed to drink yet

    Football (Soccer) Team: MANCHESTER UNITED!!!

    School Subject: English/History

    Holiday Destination: I love going to the beach.

    Crisp Flavour: salt and vinegar

    Soap Opera: urgh. I hate soap operas.

    Movie: Titanic, The Godfather

    General Interests & Aspirations
    Hey! I joined TSR because I'm just starting to do my IGCSES, and since I live in Malaysia, there's not that much information about it here :/ I find Economics really interesting, but I'm not sure about what I wanna do in life, maybe Econs or Law? I love reading, and I'm a huge Harry Potter geek. Can't wait for Pottermore!!


    Screen Name: asparkyn

    Gender: Female

    Birth Date: -

    Age: 16

    Current Place of Residence (if International, country too): Brighton

    Eye Colour: dark brown

    Hair Colour: dark brown

    Lefty/Righty: Lefty


    A solid set of IGCSEs and am now awaiting AS level results.


    Colour: green
    Sport: running
    Non-Alcoholic Drink: Teh botol
    Alcoholic Drink: Cosmopolitan
    School Subject: Spanish and History
    Holiday Destination: Have none I travel a lot.
    Movie: A lot of Tim Burton and Almodovar.

    General Interests & Aspirations

    Languages and politics. Music history.
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