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Hi there,
I started Uni in september and think i have screwed up a few times. I know i have made some good friends but at the same time i have realy offended and tried the patience of some people i think. I have a problem with paranoia and it stems from being badly bullied at school. But i thought i would put all that behind me and start uni fresh. But I have got really paranoid on a few occassions and thought people have been ****ging me off and I have created a scene, Then i find out later they were being nice about me. It seems i have this problem all the time; I just cant seem to have friends without getting paranoid. If someone doesnt send me a txt for a couple of days i get realy paranoid and think they have fallen out with me so i dont speak to them. If someone goes out without inviting me I get all paranoid, and i seem to overanalyse what people have said to me and try to think of what they meant. It is really bad and ends up making me feel depressed.
Anyone got any advice for me?

Thanks for reading,
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understand that ppl have a life outside of u as well. the universe does not revolve around a single person. have friends and have fun without thinking abt others who are not there...
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I'm just a school kid, and I get paranoid too!

But there are some people who I know probably talk about me behind my back, and I can tell the people who actually like me from the people who don't because the people who actually like me never, ever **** me off, they are my proper friends, or at least should be, and I am always nice to them, I never say anything at all intentionally nasty to them, and I don't even contemplate thinking nasty things.
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