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What's it like living in Liverpool?

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Original post by air-ninety-one
to sum up liverpool; people with the weirdest accents who keep saying 'erm'; and alot of racism.

Weird accent sure, erm...not really more 'like' at the end of every sentence. Racism...just no, while the north west, largely areas of Lancashire are known for having BNP support and a racism problem, Scousers are not racists.
Liverpool John Moores University
Liverpool John Moores University
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I have only visited Liverpool a few times and think its a lovely city with lovely people. Im planning to move up here to come to LJMU in September from Bristol. If u like to live life then Liverpool is the place to be!
I've lived on the outskirts of Liverpool for my whole life.

There is a nasty stigma surrounding scousers- some of them are the nicest people I have ever met. Yes, you have your "gangsters" but really, you get them everywhere. You just want to avoid sketchy areas- Croxteth, Norris Green etc but there really isn't any reason why you would go there anyway.

Great shopping (only thing it is lacking is a Selfridges), great night life and affordable.
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Iv lived in liverpool my whole life.
Compared to other cities, the city centre is lovely and done up well (ever since the funding we got in 2008 for the capital of culture)

Lovely city centre
Good clubs for students
Loads of restaurants and bars
Massive cinema
Loadssss of shops
Some lovely areas
Formby Beach (in the summer)

Being a female, I find that there are a lot of "clicks" within the city. Everyone's trying to be better than everyone else. And scousers are very judgemental of eachother (ESP the girls)
If your not dolled up to the max for a night out your considered "a show" (ugly or not looking good, in scouse terms). This might not bother you if you're coming to this city as a student, but having lived here it really gets to you sometimes.

Some areas of Liverpool are horrific.
But I doubt as a student you'll really venture into those areas.

Ermm, also local scouse lads can be quite vulgar at times. But then again as a student you'll be socialising more with other students

There the only ones I can think off so far :')

Just ask me about anything your worried about or something you'd like to know more about..

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To be honest, you'll have no problems in Liverpool if you're sensible. I moved to Liverpool when I went to University, and have had no problems since I moved here. The people are great and will for the most part always give you the time of day.

I'm still here nearly 3 years after graduation, so it can't be that bad.
I live in Liverpool and have done all my life, even though I'm only 14 I know that living in liverpool is great:smile: Scousers are really nice people and as long as your alright with them they'll be ok with you! Also there is shops, night life,restraunts & more! My brother goes to Uni in liverpool and he loves it! So yeah Liverpool is nice:smile: but also there is rough parts in liverpool like Toxteth, Walton and Croxteth and some other places! Hope this helped..

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