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    I've just got my exam for fine art. I've chosen to do ceremonies out of all the topics. I'm finding it really hard though as we havent been given any artists to research so i don't know how i'm going to evaluate artist research or link my work. I was thinking of looking at costume designers? I've been targeted to get an A* but i really don't know how to start or even have any final piece ideas Has anyone got a advice or ideas?

    I just used to google image the topic for my GCSE pick up a few random artists that way and images of things I liked and wanted to include once you have done a bit of that the final piece will come to you, if you are really struggling though why not change topic

    What the person above said ^ =) and also what about doing a mindmap first to narrow ideas could think about specific types of ceremonies, like weddings, birthdays etc... or look at ceremonies from different cultures and festivals, you could find lots of artists who relate to colour and atmosphere as most festivals, especially hindu ones have a lot of colour and sound =) you could find artists who capture 'moments in time'. Or you could look at really old ceremonies and go down the myths and legends thing, so maybe traditional artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo, who you could also link with religion and symbols...
    hope that made sense =s and helped haha =)
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