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Durham train station-ticket barriers?


Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

Basically, i'm going to the Durham open day on Tuesday. I'm going from Birmingham. I know that Durham is on the Edinburgh line and it's only ten quid from Brum to Edinburgh when it's almost £40 from Brum to Durham. I've been told about doing this before-buying a ticket to Edinburgh and just getting off in Durham.

Only worry i'd have is that if there are ticket barriers I might not be able to get through-are there any?
well. just buy a ticket to edinburgh. get off the train and then buy a ticket from edinburgh to durham which isnt going to be much.
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
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Yes, there are barriers.

Have you tried booking from Birmingham to Darlington and then getting a single from there to Durham? You can also split the journey at York.

What you're planning on doing is called short ticketing and I'm pretty sure it's not allowed.
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I was far too scared to do the Edinburgh thing so I just played it safe and payed full price for the Durham ticket haha :smile:
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You're allowed to break your journey - so if you buy a ticket to Edinburgh you can get off at Durham and go through barriers fine. (If the barriers don't like it, just show your ticket to the guards and they'll let you through).

The only thing you can't do is then use that outward ticket to get back into Durham station and go to Edinburgh. Just use your return ticket to get home ;o)
From my experience the barriers are normally left open, or at least for me it has opened 80% of the time haha
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They're open late at night, but not during the day.