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Just wondered if anyone was starting at LIPA who comes on here and where they are staying? I'm starting in September on the Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) and I'm really excited and a little nervous. I've asked on the stage but I cannot find any LIPA students :-(.nI would be interested to hear from anyone who will be at LIPA as of September regardless of the course they are on or the year they are inxx
Im a 2nd yr sound tech at LIPA and am stayin in Lennon Studios.
Students in Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
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I got my tenancy agreement stuff through today I'm in room 1 flat 76 block G (if I remember correctly).
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i really want to go 2 lipa nxt yr as in startin 2006
any tips of what to put on your personal statement which they like?
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My personal statement was more aimed towards psychology because LIPA was the only dance place that I applied to through UCAS. As far as I remember I had down that I ran the dance club for the lower school, that I'd been in pantomime, that I had singing lessons, horse rode, could play the piano up to grade four. I did ballet, tap, modern, jazz, Musical Theatre, and put down that I used to do disco. My head of year put down all the sports teams I'd been in, in lower school and my academic ability. I think that I may have put down that I was hard working, easy to get on with etc. can't remember everything. You just have to make yourself sound interesting and especially interested in what you want to study at LIPA. I know that they don't audition all applicants so you really need to sell yourself. I was at a slight advantage in that I got quite good GCSE (2B's,5A's and 3A*'s) and AS Level grades (3A's 2B's) What course are you applying for? I might be applying for the 3 year Degree in performing arts (dance) if I enjoy my time there this year. Might see you at audition :smile: xx
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im applyin 2 enter 2006 in the performing arts BA honours performin arts (actin) course. i wanted 2 do dance bt my dancin teacher says ive already got all the qualifications that i wud get at uni thro my intermediate n teachin exams
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I see what your teachers saying but I sort of disagree because passing an exam although is good it's not giving you the experience as such (just gets you through the exam etc.). I don't even think LIPA does teaching exams and at auditions they don't even look at that they look at how good you are as a performer etc.Don't get me wrong I'm not an expert or anything but if you want to be a dancer don't you think it would be beneficial to do full time dance training? It is however fair enough if you want to do an acting degree as a way of becoming better in that area. I just know people who have got advanced 1/2 in tap, ballet, mod and haven't made it into a dance college. Then there is me who has never taken a ballet or tap exam and only have ISTD pre-intermediate modern under my belt and I got accepted onto three dance courses. Reckon I've just gone of the subject and am not making myself clear at all :confused:. Let me know whether I'm making any sense at all lolxx