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1200 Watt limit in hall rooms!!!

I read on an accommodation site that there is a 1200 Watt limit per socket in the halls of residence. I then rushed upstairs to check my hairdryer and its 2000 Watts! :eek: I'm really sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere (I'm fairly new so have missed the old threads) but is it strictly no appliances over 1200 Watts because no hairdryer can be that low :frown: Is there any way round it? Also how many plug sockets do we get in our rooms? And will you blow the fuse if you take a multi-plug adaptor thing so you can have lots of things on at once?!

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What about computers then? Are we expected to plug in and out all the time. My hair dryer is 1845 watts to be specific!!!! :eek: So I would blow the fuse everytime I use it and it takes a long time to dry my hair anyway..
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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Hmm I'm concerned over the computer. They've gotta let you have your own computer, right? (as in proper PC, not laptop) - cus that's what I'm planning to have. Not concerned over hairdryer cus I don't use it anyway :p: I prefer to let me hair dry naturally... besides, I can't be bothered.
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I am so useless when it comes to technical stuff. How many watts would a laptop be? Just so we can all check, which exact site did you read the information on Charli?
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i checked my laptop adapte.r. it sez 65 watts..

if im not mistaken (and correct me if im wrong here).. a pc or laptop uses only a little more bit of electricity as your everyday long flourescent tube..

try buying a smaller hair dryer? i dont think the 1200 watt limit is such a big deal.. that is if my laptop, a few desk lamps, and a good stereo system can work for me im happy!
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65 watts? It is probably universal in that case for most laptops but I would go home and check... :biggrin: I should be ok!! Thanks Finnstar. However 1200 watts hair dryer would take a very long time to dry my hair, I mean I give up after using my normal one for about 2 mins. :redface:
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might i add my battery charger a GP powerbank Rapid needs a mere 8 Watts..
Hmmm... I normally have my radio alarm clock, laptop, printer, hairdryer, straighteners, lava lamp and stereo all plugged in at once, lol... though I'm sure I wouldn't need them all turned on at once!

I'm wondering about the viability of my beautiful mini fridge though *sigh*
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ignore the limit, unless you are in some of the very dodgy broadgate accom you should be fine, people had mini-fridges and things and not once can i remember the electricity blowing :smile:
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Computers are fine even desktops only consume around 200w-300w hair dryers have a large element in them which heats up, as anybody with basic physics knowledge will know it requires a lot of energy to heat somthing up which is why hair dyers consume so much power.

Some halls might have built in hair dyers like you get in hotels I am not sure though. As for ignoring thats not a wise idea, in theory there will be fuses/circuit breakers to stop this but if for some reason they fail it could cause a fire as the wiring probably can't take all that power.

I think the real reason behind this rule is cost though, its to stop being using expensive items such as electric fires.
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I panicked when i heard that, however, it wasn't a big deal

I used a travel hairdryer, and didn't have problems with anything else

Technically mini fridges aren't allowed so you may have to hide it!

If you did blow the fuse in Rutland, the switch was in your room anyway, so wasn't a big deal to sort out
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I read on the weekone boards that taking a hairdryer with a slightly higher wattage (1400w, for example) would be fine. I also read that the switch is in your room in most halls so you can just flip it back on. Just be sensible and don't have too many things running at the same time.

Rachel are you taking a stereo as well as a pc? I'm going to use my laptop for music and radio. xx
I'm not taking my stereo, actually, no. I'm bringing my iPod and a thingy to put it in that I can't remember the name of with speakers that charges it at the same time as it plays, and my alarm clock plays CDs too :smile:
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O and a mini fridge probably will be over the limit, but people do still run them in their rooms. Just don't declare it on the way in, otherwise they won't let you have it.

Ooo that sounds like aposh ipod thingy. I don't have for mine. xx
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Yep iPod and the desktop thing, laptop, printer, hair dryer, some fairy lights (university rooms can be dull :biggrin: !!!), a lamp of some sorts. I was thinking of a mini fridge for the Ben and Jerry's but probably the communal kitchen should be fine. I have an olddd alarm clock which is the only thing that ever wakes me and it is one of those old windy ones (might wake the whole floor actually :rolleyes: )
Don't worry too much, although a smaller hairdryer may be better. Stuff like kettles and heaters will blow the fuse very quickly, but in most rooms it just above your door. You have to fill in a sheet declaring what electrical items you have, but as long as you don't have a really evil cleaner then I'm sure they'll never find out your lies! The mini fridges worked as far as I know, but they make a hell of a noise! And fairy lights are cool but some halls did make everyone take theirs down because of fire safety!
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I wouldn't risk your Ben and Jerry's in the communal fridge... It won't be there when you get back!
I wouldn't risk your Ben and Jerry's in the communal fridge... It won't be there when you get back!

Very true, trust no one!!! My block had a mini post-it note war concerning the use of other people's milk and butter. And drunk people from other blocks often raid the kitchens, they even stole our bin... :frown:
lol ok rach you bring the mini fridge and i will put my things in it :biggrin: sounds like a plan to meeeee
I can understand drunkards stealing things because they can't control themselves but honestly...why do people take other people's food it's a lesser form of much for my Ben and Jerry's also...I love their cookie dough ice cream!