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This takes place in California.

I am just going to give the facts.

- My grandfather was admitted to the hospital from a heart attack.
- Grandmother requested for him to not be intubated.
- They ignored her, and did it anyway.
- They claim that there was nothing in the file saying he had a DNR order, but it was in the file and his personal physician put it there.
- An eeg was done on monday and they did not read it until tuesday.
- 2 days later they find DNR order.
- Refused to take him off life support until eeg was read.
- Tuesday, a new doctor was requested. The request was denied. We never layed eyes on the docter. He told us over the phone on tuesday that he would read the eeg on wednesday and make a decision then.
- My mother and father flew out from Ohio to see him before he died.
- My mother and grandmother requested him to be taken off of life support.
- 2 days went by before he was taken off of life support.
- Hospital fees total $21,500.

I have heard that in some cases fees were tripled as compensation for pain and suffering. This would total $64,500. How much total money is it possible to ask for as a settlement. The hospital has already started to gather there information because we have found that they are expecting a suit. I was wondering in your opinion what is the maximum amount of money we should ask for and if this goes iinto a legal ordeal how much should we propose in court.

Thank you in advance. (I am doing this research for my family.)
Report 17 years ago
Seems like a fairly technical case, so best to look for legal precedent.

But generally, ask for the amount that will get you the most money. Money is good.
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