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    Can rality Tv be trusted?

    I have to write an analytical argumentative essay to explain whether reality TV can or cannot be trusted. And so far im so stuck on as to where to begin. Anyone whos done a similar kinda thing if u can PLZ help out thnx...


    I look forward to seein ur replies ppz!

    Trusted as in presenting an accurate depiction of "social" reality? As in displaying a portrait of real social phenomenon?

    No, because reality TV is socially constructed, in that it aspires to retain viewers rather than depict reality as such. It is a misnomer to call reality TV "reality TV", partly because it is a confusion of the notion of what is real, and partly because reality is a merely a euphemism for unscripted, off the cuff action.

    Really, one needs to define one's terms before one wades into this debate.

    well no not to present an accurate depicition...Reality TV is the biggest craze in entertainment today. Programmes liek Big Brother and survivor have hooked many.

    what im mainly conecerned with here is Why can it be trusted...i mean surely it does portray sum realistics of the world today. I understand where u come from when u say its socially constructed...but surely perhaps its constructed on the reality of the lives of peopel out there?

    I need a lot more arguments for why it can be trusted...since its easier to argue why it cant be trusted

    hmmm i must say im dissappointed.....no replies.......plz people come on plz!

    The question is really, why *should* it be trusted?

    And trusted to do what...?

    Until you're clear about what it is you are trusting it to do, it's difficult to construct the argument.

    Obviously it portrays some realities - it has people in it, rather than computer animations.

    However, are the *situations* portrayed real?

    Why or why not?

    (Of course, you could just take it down the philosophical line of "what is the real" but that's probably not what you are supposed to be doing).
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