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    not sure where to put this but it is uni related so ill start here!
    i didnt get in to any of my unis this year so i decided i would reapply next year(i wanna do medicine). ive been thinking alot about my gap year and ive not worked since exams finished knowing that i have a year ahead to work and save money.
    now i have loads of my family and friends putting pressure on me to try clearing. part of me thinks its a good idea because i wont have to apply again but im really looking forward to next year. if i go to uni this year, i will have no money as i havent done a student loan application and i have very little savings. I will also miss out on my plans which im very excited about.
    i also know how near impossible it is to get clearing places for medicine and this year i definately do not want to do any other course.i feel like im going to end up disapointed if i get my hopes up, and on top of that im worrying about my results!
    my problem is, i feel i will let down people if i dont try clearing, but im not sure if its really what i should be doing. is anyone else in a situation like this, what should i do?!?

    My friend is at Bristol studying Medicine and she got in through clearing. Basically she didn't get any offers when she initially applied so on results day she rang every single Med School in the country and begged to get in. She's never wanted to anything other than Medicine...the first to get back to her with an offer was Bristol so she accepted...she was later offered a place at Sheffield too...so you can try! Nothing to lose right?

    It's your life not theirs. Whilst you may love and respect your family and friends, the final decision has to be yours-you have to live with the consequences of the decision, not them. Do what you think is right for you.

    It sounds to me like you really want to take a gap year and reapply, but it's just other people who are telling you to go this year through clearing. If that's the case, stick with your original plans and take a year out. You can't let other people make an important decision like this for you. If you take their advice and end up somewhere you don't want to go where you're miserable, you might end up dropping it and hating them for it, plus it will be very hard to get through a year at uni with no loan and no money! Try and get some work experience during your gap year that you can mention on your personal statement and enjoy the much less stressful process of applying post-results!
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