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Winter time, University of Kent
University of Kent
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Kent canterbury nightlife and social

hey, was wondering if anyone who goes to kent uni at canterbury could enlighten me to what the nightlife i.e clubs, pubs, general nighttime fun is like
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hmm lots of discussion on this try searching through the other threads. Basically on Kent uni campus there is one nightclub and an assortment of bars. In Canterbury city centre, which is where most students travel to, there is 3 other nightclubs (The works, Chill and Soap). Canterbury is renowned for its pubs but great atmosphere here!
Winter time, University of Kent
University of Kent
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The Venue on campus is very good and cheap - mostly end up at Chill/baa bars if in town. Some good little pubs, the hob goblin is good, lady luck near is good if you like the stranger sort of people.
The Venue is all you need. :dance:
On campus there's the Venue, which is our on campus club, and there's also a bar in each of the colleges.

In town there are a few places. Club-wise, the biggest is the Works and they have a big student night each Monday. I think Chill also does a student night on thursday (?) nights. Other people have mentioned Soap but I don't really know anything about that...There's also Alberry's 'wine bar' (mostly filled with students at the weekends), the Loft bar and the Cuban (which is a restaurant and a bar). There are quite a few pubs scattered about Canterbury too.
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Mungos, the bar in Elliot college, is great on a Friday for meeting people. Venue is great when there is a good night on, like Sub Focus a few weeks ago (i got to meet him because my mate opened for him). The best night in town is Pop Your Cherry at the works on a Monday, there are 3 floors, Baabars; which is the ground floor which has usually indie music. Then the works on the second floor; which is the RnB floor (go here if you want to get lucky). Lastly on the top floor is The Bizz where i am usually, this floor is all about the dance music mostly house. Thats about all the places i go out too. Except Woodys where i watch the footy.