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Official results day thread - are you in?

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Name: Chloe
Grades achieved: English - A (600 and top five - yay!), History - A, French - A, AEA English - Distinction
Predicted grades:
Offer made or not or summer pool: Offer made
College: New
Subject: English (starting 2006)
If grades are achieved then what are you plans? Relax! (Hence not posting my results for ages - I was busy sleeping!)
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Grades achieved: AAC (damn biology!)
Predicted grades: AAA
Offer made or not or summer pool: no offer
Subject:colone:xp Psychology
If grades not achieved then what are your plans? clearing....aaaaaaand looks like i'm going to goldsmiths college in london now!
Name: Johnny Howard (bigjcoool)
Grades achieved: AAAAAa and Merits in English and Latin AEAs.
Predicted grades:AAAAAa?
Offer made or not or summer pool: Offer Made
College: New College
Subject: Classics and German (5 Years)
If grades are achieved then what are you plans? Go and drink with other people who got in this evening, and then go kerrayzee... :cool:

Can you do Classics and German, without prior study of Latin or Ancient Greek?
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Oh, and incidentally, any other brasenosers/medics out there, feel free to drop me a line when you got a min :smile:

Cheers, and look forward to meeting you all 5 weeks from today!

Name: Viral, effectively Squirrel
Grades: AAAA
College: Brasenose
Subject: Medicine '05
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Yep, but you'll have an abominably crazy workload... What happens is that you start one of the languages at the beginning of your first year, and then the other in your sixth term. All of that plus the language side of the german workload... It's extreme.