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difference between City and Cass????

Hi guys thinking of applying to cass for an investment/Finance Bsc or something similar it will be one of my insurances,

So what is the difference between cass and city, is Cass part of city uni???

Can someone also explain to me why Cass is not in the russel group or 1994 group

Also what is the difference between a front office IB and Back Office and Middle office and which one earns the most.

Finally could i get into a top Firm with a degree from cass (and good work exp) In a front or back office job?????? Is Cass a target uni for top banks ???????? thanks alot guys
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If you do come to Cass Undergraduate you largely get taught at the City university building (Northampton Square), but if you're a Cass postgrad all your lessons will be at the Cass building (Bunhill Row). The Cass building is 9000 times sexier than the City building. We dont get taught there, but we can still go there whenever we want. Also, all the cool events like investment bank visits, famous economist speeches etc all happen at the Cass building.

Do not use the Russell Group as a measure of prestige. Some of the unis on that list aren't very prestigious at all, and definitely wouldn't outrank Cass if you're looking to break into banking. Look for the "Top 20 unis for IB" thread on TSR. I went to a BOAML event just last week so I can testify that the uni bias is very real. There were 70 people at the event and every single one of them was from a uni on that list. Where it says "City undergrad" it doesnt mean Cass undegrad. After attending numerous interviews/ACs, talking to banks' HR departments and using interpolation, I'd say Cass undergrad ranks around 10/11th on the list. Cass is basically the only reason IBs come within 50 metres of City. A lot of big names visit: GS, MS, CS, DB, BarCap BNPP etc, and you can definitely make it into a FO Top Tier role from Cass - I've met numerous Cass alumni at GS, MS, JPM etc.

What are your other choices?

thanks for the advise, but the list is really old any chance you can give me some new estimates about durham, KCL, Warwick, reading, Cass (undergrad) loughborough and Nottingham for business studies or Accountancy and finance??????? thanks
College Building - City, University of London
City University
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Tbh I dont rate L'Boro that highly, and I've never seen any L'Boro students at the BB events I've been to. I dont know anything about Reading's rep.

oo fair enough and those for undergrad?