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SOAS Foundation Questions (UG)

ive been looking around the forum for a minute, and its really a shame i found about TSR this late, there are some real quality feedbacks on here. only i havent had the luck yet finding some information regarding the SOAS foundation course so I thought i will give it a try..

to introduce myself I am a EU student (from belgium) recently moved to london. studying at SOAS would be a dream come true but im afraid i wouldnt get through the applications. so I am considering a IFCELS UG course but still have some unanswered questions

1. tuition fees: i have understanded the tuiton fees are about 12K which I think is just ridiculous for a 10 month program, but as you may know SOAS doesnt make no exceptions, so.... how did you pay for them? (student loans for that amount scares the **** out of me)

2. classes: what are the classes like? are they any good? do they help shaping your english, forming and decising your further course?

3. benefits: I understand studying at SOAS is a unique opportunity but what are the benefits for their foundation course because there are much uni's that offer a much cheaper foundation course... so why would you do/ have you done it?

these are the 3 main questions which I seems to keep up lately, any experience, knowledge, recommedations or just honest thoughts would be very helpfull, and well considered.

thanks in advance....
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I don't really have any concrete advice, apart from are you sure it's 12K a year for EU students? I got the impression the EU and UK students had the same tuition rate; my cousin is from Poland and she pays the standard 3 grand or so.
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hmmm no pretty im sure its 12K, even though I couldnt see no different UK/EU/INT fees about it on their website. still find it ridiculous thinking about paying over a 1000 pounds per month! for a foundation degree!!

oh well... thanks for taking the time to reply though, appreciate it!