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hey, im v. new here, but bumped into your board whilst trawling for imperial info.. hopefully joining some of you on the Mphys course (results depending) and hey im a girl... personally the high male to female ratio was an attraction after 2 years at an all girls school.. oo and i couldn't help noting this side conversation about the chinese studying habits.. i can't exactly vouch for the guys, but from what i hear from the boarders dorms in my school.. the chinese spend alot of time in thier rooms with eachother talking/listening to music/whatching dvd's not doing the 24 hour study thing.. although i do note they hardy ever made it into our common room.. which is a shame.. but anyway good luck in the results! and i hope there may be a few new friends among you!!

hey! hope to see you at IC! i'm doing geology. yeah the high male:female was good cos i was at a girls school to! and the thing about the chinese study habits is right..the girls at school were always in their rooms either working or watching VCD's. Good luck with the results and have a good freshers week!
Learning at Imperial College London
Imperial College London
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Hey!! Chinese guys can party too... its not like Brits don't sit around a table drinking tea and having scones with jam all day long...
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1) how fast approximately is the connection??
2) are ICL as strict as all other colleges in terms of how gaming/downloading "music"/p2p e.t.c.?

I'm not sure fast it is, when I was in halls 2 years ago it was very fast, download movies and music very quickly indeed, say 30s for a 5MB song. During the summer term of that year they stopped access to sites like Kazaa as the network became very slow.
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So if the rooms don't have cable TV... where can we watch it? Does the common room in each dorm have a wide selection of channels?

If you want to watch things like football matches which are on cable/satellite then the union is the place to go. Other than that only a very few number halls have pay tv.
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So.. any way to get our own broadband access? How about dialup through the phone? BTW, what's the charge on local calls through the phones in our rooms?

The company that do the phone and net connections are called Damovo, there site is:

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yeah, but they don't publish any speed guidelines. For all I know, they could have an ADSL modem for the whole building.