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    Alrite people!!

    Congrats on getting your grades and getting into Notts! You should be very proud of yaselves!

    If you didnt make your grades, dont be too sorry, cos I didnt make mine to go Liverpool and ended up in Notts and I cant be happier! Maybe going elsewhere, or even changing to a different course at Notts will work out even better for you! ..it did me!

    Annyyyway!! Week One, aka FRESHERS WEEK (!!!!!) is upon you! Starting on the 25th September this year ( I thiiiink so anyway!! :p: ) its gona come around A LOT quicker than you think! So start gettin yo asses ready!

    For those that dont know..head on over to www.weekone.co.uk which when updated (soooon hopefully!) will have info on everything your sweet Fresher selves are going to get up too during your first week!

    If you're coming to Notts, I promise ya, you're going to have a truly amazing experience at Uni! We've got it all, a wicked balance of everything you could want from your time at university!

    Anyway, like I said, head on over to the Week One website where you can post questions and stuff in your individual Hall forums (!!!) and get replies by past Freshers such as myself and even your WEEK ONE REPS!!! :cool: ..bit over excited, soz! But seriously, its all about being a Fresher, but being a Fresher can be daunting so if you have any 'queries' just get your arse on Week One...get the site up and running again!! Its kinda been dead since, well, Freshers Week last year!

    I hope I've helped a bit...hope i havent broken any StudentRoom rules for advertising...WeekOne.co.uk is run by your SU at Notts so its completely non-profit...its all for YOU!

    Take it easy peeps!

    Congrats on getting your grades! Notts is waiting.....
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