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    Can anyone explain to me, how do squats correctly?

    I never seem to do them right

    Thank you


    As for what to do, stick the bar on your back, and then just concentrate or bending your legs, don't move any other part of your body, its literally just bending the legs, stick your arse out as far as you possibly can, head up.

    Nothing more to it, takes a lot of practice, I've only recently got my squatting technique good enough to start adding some decent weight to it.

    IMO squats are really complicated. Theres many recognised distinct variations, and ofcourse one could use form that lies anywhere between them. Everyone having different proportions means that everyone is gonna have to find their own way of squatting. One aspect of form that is accepted by almost everyone is that your lower back should never round - so dont go so deep as to cause it to do so. Apart from that, it seems that no one agrees with anyone about the "safest" way to do them, such as knees beyond toes, or not? How deep to go?

    I guess u could also safely say that your knees should allways "track" your feet - that is they are in the same plane coming up perpendicular to the floor, and extending along the length of your foot. Id guess that that fails to describe the plane I mean, but i dunno how better to put it.


    I cant imagine being able to teach someone how to squat in real life, let alone just by writing. Most of all because I myself cant squat for ****. But really its a gayly complicated motion as far as I can see

    You could try to watch some videos of people doing squats. Most of them youll find will be powerlifters whose form may not be what you want
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