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Why Did You Choose Sheffield University/Hallam University?

Hi guys. Just thought I'd post my reasons why. Feel free to post yours too. Sorry this is a bit long but I have loads of reasons.

My main reasons for choosing Sheffield were because when I went to the university, apart from it being nice of course, I felt that everyone was really friendly, and the Eng Lang department put a lot of effort into the presentation, getting a fresher and graduate student up to talk about contrasting aspects of the uni, and I have to say that the girl giving the accommodation tour around Stephenson Hall, her name was Leah or something like that. Anyway, she really sold it, just telling it like it is and being really enthusiastic about student life and what goes on, while telling it like it is about studying and stuff, while in Leeds they had one of the maturer students (the ones who help out and stuff) taking us round a tiny block on site. It's also a great area though.

They were also the only university to lower the grades for me (from BBB to BBC). Not only this, they also accepted general studies, which I really liked, because i've always been a bit of an all-rounder, and I felt the style of teaching was very liberal and relaxed, without being neglegent of what's required from everyone. I went to Lancaster and the lecture hall was tiny, and they really pressured the "You must work in your first year contrary to popular belief" thing. I thought "Do you honestly think I'm going to risk wasting thousands of pounds?"

Living near Manchester I've had access to pretty much everything, so I wanted to live inner-city where I can go to small or massive gigs all the time, or go to the ice hockey (two teams!!!) and of course there's the rugby and soccer clubs and stuff but I ain't that sporty anyway. But it's basically a mini version of Manchester, without being too close to home, yet too far away if I need to come home for any particular reason.

Each to his own and all that, but it's just perfect for the sort of person I am.
wel ever since the open day i just fell in love with course and the city. i felt at home thee and could see me living in sheffield. i loved the pslater lane cmpus cos its like a littl community up there :smile:...and my boyfrien happens to be in sheefield too which is a bouns but not my main reason.
City campus, Sheffield Hallam University
Sheffield Hallam University
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It was all a bit random for me really! I was looking on a website and saw that they were after a PhD student in the area of research im interested in, and we had to submit a proposal. I had nooo time so literally did this in about 30mins and didnt think anything of it. Was only when I got an interview that I started to take things a bit more seriously, went up and had a look around. My Dads and his side of the family live in sheffield so I know a bit about the city and like it (am a closet Wednesday fan:smile:) and the people are really cool and very friendly plus im into my sport and know it has good facilities. The uni and the dept is good (absolutely massive though) and the halls really really nice and being up North its a fairly cheap place to live too. Am a bit nervous but looking forward to starting now:smile:
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fell in love with place and course after open day, plus i rock climb so the fact that the peaks are on the doorsteep is a big PRO on my list. I dont think there are any CONS its seems perfect at the moment, but it's only two nights after results!!!
pm me guys
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i loved it on the open day!!!! I always get asked why i picked Sheffield, it seems everyone in my college is off to Liverpool!
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Sheffield was my first choice for the simple reason that it's far enough away for me to move away, yet close enough for me to jump on a train home to bring my dirty washing :biggrin:
I broke up with my boyfriend the day before I came on the open day in March, and I STILL managed to love the place (despite not being the happiest of people that day!). Unfortunately he's now also going to Sheffield (ain't that just sod's law) staying at Halifax (I'm hoping to be at Endcliffe Vale just nearby..). GRRRR :mad: Oh well.....ROLL ON SEPTEMBER!!!! :biggrin: