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I am a Product Design student in the UK, working for a small kitchen design studio. I am currently beginning a final year University design project to design a product for a kitchen.

I would appreciate it if people would take a minute to fill in my short survey at:

I am trying to find common problems within the kitchen environment, that I may be able to design a solution for, and to find out a little bit more about how people use their kitchens.

If you've got a really good idea for a kitchen product let me know, and you can follow the project's progress online.

Thanks for your help!!

Matt G
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Thanks for your comments Pencil Queen. The survey on the site at the moment is an initial attempt to get an idea of common problems, and the way people use their kitchens, which will be used in conjunction with a number of other methods of research such as task analysis.

You're right - there will need to be a second survey to gain information on more specific areas and problems identified, which should be on the site soon.

Just out of interest, are there any glaring problems with kitchen products or layout that your housemate uses, is access the overriding issue? (Sorry, another vague question)

Matt G.
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