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What if you hate your parents? watch


    (Original post by susiemakemeblue)
    Student overdraft. That's how people cope. My accommodation will cost £2,774 and my tuition fees are £1,175. My loan is £3,145.

    So £3,145 - £2,774 - £1,175 = -£804.

    With the standard student overdraft that leaves me about £200 a year to buy food, clothes, train tickets, course material....
    But surely they wouldn't charge you full fees if your parents' income was really so low that they couldn't afford to contribute anything?

    (Original post by Alchemy)
    Ok a hypothetical situation based on a true event at school.

    Person A lives at home with his mother, who last year started a new business, this therefore reduced her income to below £5000. However his other parent still earns a very respectable wage that would have put them into a much higher bracket of the loan system. However, as things stand his dad's details arent asked for, as he doesnt live at home. Yet he fully contributes to the family and the fees.

    So he gets maximum loan, maximum grant and maximum university support. Which may come to over £6000, without family contribution. Pays lowest course fees.
    Im in the same situation, it does seem 'unfair', but we get screwed by the government in many other ways and this is how the system is setup. I'm sure they are aware of situations like this.

    My dad said for me to pay my rent out of my loan and he'll help me out throughout the year.

    I think it's very important to work during the holidays before Uni, even £100 could help. I started at Tesco's in April earning £250 a month working weekends and after college, then when it got to summer i took on more and more hours. I've earnt £2000 with Tesco's so far (although not much to show for it for certain reasons).

    I'm hoping to take about £500 with me (after buying all the stuff i need for uni) and still work at tescos in Portsmouth during term time and work at tescos at home during the holidays. Luckily, due to awful management there is always overtime going

    The systems harsh but it makes you stronger, you will appreciate money a lot more if you have to struggle early on. I knew someone who had all her fee's inc tuition and halls paid for her, she had her "daddys credit card" for text books, food and petrol plus other car related stuff, and still got FULL loan! So you can imagine she was loaded and took it for granted.

    Trust me im in a corner at the moment, but things work themselves out! I have a £30 fone bill to pay on the 7th September, don't start my job till 25th august so may not get paid before then BUT it is my birthday on friday and I am hoping I get money to pay my fone bill....if not, something will happen and it will be fine. You shouldn't worry about things you can do nothing about!

    By the way for the record, I live with my mum on our own, she has a good income but has a lot to pay for and can only just help me out, she was left with a big loan and a mortgage to pay after her husband left her and pronounced himself bankrupt so could not help with the loan. We lived on £50 a month for a substantial amount of time. The LEA took into account my mums boyfriends income even though he has nothing to do with me and I do not recieve one single penny from him.


    There are always going to be people who cheat the system but I think the way they do it right now is the fairest for the majority....much as it might peeve the few who know people scamming it.

    On the point of hating your parents...I have a mate who, before starting her first year of uni, had a huge ruck with her parents who are very strict and wholly disapproved of her choice of course. She consequently left home and rented a bedsit for 6 months during which time she did the whole loan application. She got a tutor from college to say she was "estranged" from her parents (though only for a few months) and even tho she moved back in with the 'rents before term started she got full whack loan (both parents are doctors who earn shed loads so she wouldn't have gotten the full loan otherwise). Bit of a complicated way of doing things but I guess it can be done in extreme circumstances!

    They also presume that if you're parents are on low incomes they're willing to disclose their financial details so you can get the full support.

    Oh, and that you fit into one of their nice catagories "lives with both parents" / "lives with one parent" ' "self supporting"... even that joined with "parent you live with most" doesn't cover all situations.

    Otherwise you're slightly screwed ... well, not completely, you could be lucky and the LEA will do their best to work around it.

    I nearly had a heart attack when i got my letter about what i was entitled to, first time around. Said i was getting minimum loan, no grant, had to pay tuition fees etc!

    They didnt process the application with any regard to the income assessed part. Had to tell them to redo the application and had to wait a few more weeks for the second assessment. Got it right that time

    I dont think theres many people "scamming" the system. Although obv i don't know the statistics.

    If the government want's to give you money then thats really their problem tbh. Any money you don't take doesnt get re devided up between everybody else does it tbh.

    Well I am planning to play online poker at uni providing the server lets me...then i will be able to pay
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