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hello all,
just venting some pent up frustration, so cover your ears if you're a 'new' labour supporter.
here goes,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
i'm doing a full time degree and my husband and i have to pay the full college fees because we're not on the dole or bleeding the system dry in general. where's the fairness in that? being a student is hard enough without having to scrape by just because my husband earns more than £11000 a year. i want to become a teacher (they tell me the country is crying out for teachers) and yet i might be forced to quit my course in favour of getting a full time job (it's nice to be able to eat, so my friends tell me). surely the government should be encouraging families like ours to achieve degree status- am i barking mad, or would that actually HELP the country? either myself or mr blair has lost the decide.
end of sermon, thankyou for the words of mr crane, "here's wishing you good mental health". cake x
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Poor you. I'm at University and the bills are huge, but hopefully I should only come out with about £10,000 worth of debt. At least we're not at Uni in three years, when it'll probably be more around £20,000 worth of debt.

Not good.

Few less teachers training then I guess.
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