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    I have just been offered a job at Heartlands Hospital in Bordesley Green. I am going to be relocating here from Leicester. Does anyone know any nice (and safe) areas around here because I do not know the area at all. Ideally I would like to be able to walk or get the bus to work but I will have a car. Thanks a lot.

    City Centre or the Jewelry Quarter are the only places I would live, everywhere else is a bit of a **** hole to be honest

    Don't live in Bordesley Green. End of, full stop!

    Unfortunately most of the area east of the city centre (especially north east), unless you go further out to like Solihull, are not good to live in. To be honest I wouldn't want to live anywhere around Heartlands Hospital.

    South and west of the city centre are probably the better places to live. Alternatively there are some nice flats and developments in the city centre itself.

    Sorry to paint such a gloomy picture, but having lived in Birmingham 4 and a half years the above is the impression I have of the different areas from driving around, reading the news, talking to people etc.

    The transport structure in Brum is pretty good so you can get around fairly easily.
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    Ok thanks. I am looking at going a bit furthur out e.g solihull and driving to work. The centre flats look nice but I dont want to pay a premium for city centre living when I don't actually work there.

    dont live in boredsley green! just dont.
    moseleys a nice place to live
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Updated: April 28, 2010
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