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    A level results day - BDD in Business Studies,Physics and Computing.

    Rejected by both my ABB first and insurance choice unis.

    Everyone's told me to just not bother, and go to a lesser uni that I originally wanted to through clearing.

    Well screw that, I've decided to resit the year, as this is nowhere near my potential, and I have to admit, my grades were a result of last-minute revision. I know I won't be happy if I carried on without rectifying this horrible smudge in my life.

    Which brings me onto my questions of how I get into my universities next year. I am aiming to do business management at a university such as kings, or minimum, queen marys. There's usually an ABB requirement on these courses.

    But since I'm a 3rd year A level student, I understand that they're going to want higher grades than the norm.

    1. How higher will it be?
    2. Predicted grades - how am I going to convince my subject teachers to give me these high predictions? Last year after the AS results of BCD, I did manage to get predictions up to a BBB. I could possibly get Business upto an A prediction, since I got a pretty strong B (462/600). The rest...
    3. Are there any universities that won't even consider a 3rd year student? I might as well know now, since there won't be any point applying to these then and wasting UCAS spaces.
    4. Topup fees- can i get away from paying these by saying I'm a gap year student?

    I'll be resitting the following modules in January:

    Business Unit 6, Physics Unit 4, Computing Units 5 and 1/2(have to decide which one I'll stand a chance on improving to a high A)

    There's also Computing A2 coursework, and Physics Unit 5 practical and written in June. Maybe also Physics Unit 6.

    I'm pretty certain you can't get away from top up fees.

    I'm sitting a foundation year this year (living in the uni), can't I get away from them?

    1. depends on Uni, some will be happy with ABB, others may want AAA its impossible to tell
    2. Beg and work so damn hard that they have to give you good predictions
    3. Probably, good reptuation = money, and good students = good Reputation, so as long as you can show youve bucked your ideas up, you should be fine (or at least at most uni's)
    4. No, top up fees are being introduced in 2006 for all new English students, the only way arround it would have been to differ your 2005 entry, but as it is, you will have to pay them.

    (Original post by Sharpshooter)
    I'm sitting a foundation year this year (living in the uni), can't I get away from them?
    Look arround these forums Im sure ive seen this mentioned, I think its no as foundation years are classed as year 0 and therefore you still havent technically started the course until year 1 in 2006, but check just incase.

    I would resit Business as there is a chance of going from a grade B to an A.
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