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Whitworth Park!

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its a mystery, its like the staircases in that film with david bowie in it......labyrinth

i've tried to figure it out all year :confused:

oh and theres the rumour that they're designed like that as the council said they would pay for the roofs of the buildings, so the uni got them designed to be almost all roof and little vertical wall

could be bs tho!

lol yeh thats probably true, cunning plan by manc! aargh that film scares me, hope its not TOO much like that!!!
University of Manchester
University of Manchester
well its not quite as scary :biggrin:

theres a whitworth website, not much on there at the min though
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no there really isnt much on that site!! lol the grovel looks funnn...dark and dingy lol!

ooooh 1 week and 3 days to go! v excitingggg!
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So wen is everyone plannin on movin in then? :smile:
my mates doing medicine and hes going to whitworth park on the thursday (15th i think)
Just a 'lil question - did anybody receive anything back from Whitworth since sending the contract and deposit back?

Like a receipt or anything else?
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Nope I haven't ad n e thin bk. but im sure if ya rang them they'd let ya know
i got a reciept for the £150 cheque accomm pre pay thing, from the accommodation office

the manchester postal service apparantly is horrendeous
Qui Audet Vincit
i got a reciept for the £150 cheque accomm pre pay thing, from the accommodation office

the manchester postal service apparantly is horrendeous

But your in Hulme arent you?
yes but the £150 cheque goes to the accommodation office not the hall

hope im not barking up the wrong tree!
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iv not got anythin yet either, and i sent my accommodation stuff off like a few days after results!! not got my cheque book or anythin from my bank yet either, think my postmans gone on strike hmmm....

o and im goin up on sat 17th, earlyish! seems like most people r goin up quite early! x
nope they don't send anything back! i called in to check they had it, and the receptionist knew without lookin coz she recognised me off my pic! ring em up if you're worried!

i'm movin in on the thursday, got to be trained in the afternoon to fix everybodys internet :confused:
Hey guys, I am staying at Derby house. Anybody else? As I read the posts in this thread above, people are mostly from other houses. Are there any parties whitworth organizes to meet other students from other houses in the halls? Or is it that you have to go to each room knocking and get to know everybody :biggrin:

By the way, rooms don't look too luxurious, hmm I wonder is it only in derby or everywhere else is the same? Just curious :biggrin:
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Im in derby!! wahey. lol, i really dont think rooms are too luxurious at it will be cool, adds to the fun! Im moving in on the sat, waho.

Also anyone know what the communal bits are like in the flats? How big are kitchens etc. Is there like a sitting area and that. I have no idea.

Thanks x
Ok I emailed about a receipt and got this reply:

'We received your deposit and can confirm your place in Garstang house. We don’t actually send the receipts to new residents as we hold onto them until your arrival. You will find it in your post box here when you arrive.'

So thats me told then.
i got a receipt for the £150 prepayment
but that was from the accommodation office
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Mmmm.. I've been assigned to Withworth Park, Aberdeen Hall.

I've paid the GBP 150 deposit but I've not received the receipt. Are we supposed to receive one?

Any clarification?
GBP it'd be far easier to put £
i got a reciept for the £150, i'm in a different hall but i don't think that matters as you send the cheque to the accommodation office and not the hall itself.

my reciept said "THANK YOU FOR YOUR CUSTOM"