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aber freshers?

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Hello my name is John and I will be going to Aber on the 24th. Aber only has a freshers weekend, which isn't that great. I am really nervous. I need to know some people before I go. If you want give me a message, by e-mail or add me to msn: [email protected]

I'm going to do English, but now I'm not sure if Politics would have been a better choice!
Students graduating at Aberystwyth University
Aberystwyth University
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Hey john, where will you be staying?
Your not the only one- im nervous too but it will be a fun experience!
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Helo Lawza!

I'll be staying at probably the worst place, but I kind of like the idea of being next to the sea - Seafront residences. Not sure which place exactly.

What subject will you be doing? Anyone going to be doing English?
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My main issue is financial. I really don't know how I'm going to cope. Especially since I still haven't sent the student loan form off, due to a problem of having to request a new birth certificate, which I am not sure where it is. By Friday, I need a direct debit mandate for the accommodation and tuition forms if I am right? Well, it needs to be sent before then! Has anyone got any advice for me at all? Hell - Aber has many pubs, I tend to make a fool out of myself and get absolutely wrecked, but ah well. lol.
oh my god guys, just go back from a week in aber with 7 of my mates, and it was fantastic! everyone is so friendly. we go lost looking for a friends house and we asked a lady and she was like "oooo are u students?". anyways went out on thurs night, went to varsitys and peer presure....... got v. drunk and didnt spend that much at all! good nights out round there to come im thinking!
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Ooooo Pier pressure, did you manage not to get too stuck to the carpets? You'll have few probs settling on as everybody is so friendly and there's plenty of ways to meet people.