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Broadgate park

hey all

from reading alot of the accommodation threads it doesnt seem as though many people are staying at broadgate park, and seeing as it can accommodate so people its got me a bit worried.

any reasons it hasnt been mentioned??

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im in broadgate , but yeh i dunno y no1 else seems to be!
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
Reply 2
Stop worrying h19enp, there's about 800 Freshers places on BGP this year, and all the rooms get filled.
Reply 3
nice 1 simeon. anyone got any pictures of it coz there doesnt seem to be many of them around either!! all seems a bit mysterious :confused: :redface:

yoohoo what room are u in??
Reply 4
i dunno am a little confused just says flat 5/5 maples. dont no what the 5/5 means as such! how bout u?
Reply 5
5/5 Maples means Flat 5 Room 5 in the Maples Block which is 18 on the Key

h19enp, have a look at for some photos. Not many of the blocks though. A lot of them are new, and old ones have recently been demolished anyway so not many pics about of BGP.
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Hai...I want Broadgate park...but i applied 2day and they said they're gonna put me into Raleigh but i still asked for Broadgate...haha wat's Raleigh like?
Reply 7
cheers for that simeon. im in spindles in flat 209. that mean its on the 2nd floor?? u know if thats a fairly new block??
Reply 8
Spindles is on of the older blocks, but all those have been decorated, re-carpetted and had new mattresses over the Summer.
Reply 9
lol new mattresses - thats gotta be a good thing!
Reply 10
Hi guys!
I have been given a room in a place called Cedars...
Does anyone know if this also is a part of the older blocks?
Reply 11
Cedars is an older, re-furbed block.
Reply 12
how bout maples? old or new? :tongue:
Reply 13
Maples is a new block.

On this map, the older blocks are White, the blaocks that were new last year are Light Grey, and the blocks that will be completed for 2006/7 say Phase 2 Construction.

More importantly, the Block that says Central Amenity Building is home to the Broadgate Bar.:wink:
Reply 14
Argh, I've applied to Broadgate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice so hopefully I should get it! But I haven't even heard from the Accomodation office yet...I might give them a call tomorrow!!
Reply 15
yay if u get it makes a grand total of 4 so far! but hey if maples is new at least il prob have a new mattress :biggrin:
Reply 16
btw does anyone no if the flats are mixed or generally same sex? doesnt really bother me either way but would be interesting to no
Reply 17
I think they're mixed. xx
Reply 18
excellent :tongue:
Reply 19
Flats are (well were last year)same sex, but blocks are mixed.